Apr 30, 2013

Our Gourmet Dinner

Rachel started taking a liking to cooking when she was 9.  I was doing daycare at the time, and she would make breakfast for the daycare kiddos.  It was usually pancakes/waffles or baked oatmeal.  She loved making smoothies and cookies too.  Now she is bumping up her confidence and trying her hand at making suppers.  I love that she has no fear, and nothing is off limits.  Tonight she decided to make venison sausage (one of our favorite meals that we eat weekly), Pioneer Woman's twice baked new potatoes, and her whiskey glazed carrots.

The funniest part of the whole night was when she sent me a text asking me to stop at the liquor store for some whiskey.  Ummm, excuse me???

She did get some help from Dad, but I thoroughly enjoyed putting my feet up and watching TV while they cooked.  SCORE!

Apr 25, 2013

The Girls' Craft Room

With three girls, crafting is as much a part of our lives as bathing.  It's a necessity.   I love seeing the different projects they come up with.  I don't, however, like seeing the mess they create in my kitchen!  I decided it was high time for them to have their own space.  In our third level, we have the family room finished, but none of the other rooms.  My office has sat idle for a few years,  and has been more of a dumping ground than anything else.  I took everything out (the things I could move, that is.) and created a space for them.

I still have to buy another craft table, but this works for now.  The big frame was given to me by my girlfriend who was going to Goodwill it.  It had different types of herbs in each window.  I took it apart and made it into a crafty  window now (one of the pics has fallen down and I need to fix it).  

Being that it is in an unfinished space, I wanted lots of color.  One of the things I love about creating something new, is shopping around the house to see what will fit.  Most everything I had, but I did buy the cute colored baskets on their tables as Crafts Direct for $5.  I think I might keep the desk, as it has a lot of storage for their crafts.

I love knowing that they can make anything in there, and do what they want...paint, scrapbook, color and just plain ole play!

I am amazed at how much they have created already.  I have a basket filled with odds and ends that is their favorite.  Lots of creativity flowing here!

Apr 22, 2013

It's Snowing....Again.....

This week we are enduring our 150th snowstorm.  From the month of April.  Seriously.  I am trying to stay positive and taking advantage of my day off by cooking.  So many good recipes, and so little time.  I decided to watch one of my all time favorite movies while in the kitchen...Julie and Julia.  Love, love, love this movie.  

I re-pinned this recipe from Pinterest and decided to make them for the girls snack this afternoon.  Oh my....they were scrumptious.  So scrumptious, that I am contemplating eating another before they get home....

They are mini apple pies, with caramel.  Oh yes I did.  The girls will be thrilled, and I will make Mom of the Year (I was demoted last Saturday, as I forgot Alayna had a birthday party, oops....) again.

You have to try them!  I also have monkey bread going dough doing in the bread machine for Miss Emma's birthday breakfast for tomorrow morning.  Supper tonight is Rachael Ray's Mediterranean Chicken, with sauteed green beans and homemade bread.  It's gonna be good!!

Apr 21, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

It's that time again, to join Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday.  Last week was a busy week, and was very happy to have some freezer meals to rely on.  I also decided to make Indian food one night.  We had Chicken Curry, Garlic Carrot Rice and Naan.  It was one of my favorite meals EVER!  Everything was so flavorful, even the family liked it all.  Of course I didn't think to take a pic until after my plate was licked clean....

This week is all about Rachael Ray.  I looooooove her magazine, so this week I found all RR recipes to try.

Monday:  Mediterranean Chicken and homemade french bread
Tuesday:  Emma Jo's birthday!!  Out for supper
                             Friday:  Prayers.  Yes, I will be needing prayers on Friday, Emma is having 6 girls overnight.  Six emotional, dramatic, loud, crazy girls.  This is my first time with this many girls.  If you would like to send some wine along with the prayers, I won't object.  Just sayin...

So, that's my week, what does your look like?

Apr 19, 2013

The Good Life

We moved to the country seven years ago, and love it.  Having the privacy, the quiet and wildlife has been refreshing.  The downside?   Critters.  Of the furry kind.  If you happen to be my step mom, please close this browser and find a website for quilting or gardening...thank you.

Having a kitty is a must, they are pretty amazing at finding these said critters.  Maci has been staring lovingly at the stove for a few weeks again (we just caught a mouse 2 months ago, *sigh*...), so I knew it was inevitable.

A few nights ago, Brad and I got the girls to bed and decided to enjoy the hot tub.  Unfortunately Brad forgot to turn the alarm system off, so the girls got a rude awakening.  After settling them down, we were just about to step outside when Maci comes tearing up the stairs with what I thought was her play mouse. Ohhhhh no, it's real.  She's tossing it in the air and batting it around.  Right in front of us.  Brad grabs a broom to whomp the mouse, but almost knocked Maci out.  Brad-0, mouse-1.

We'll get him, you just wait.

Apr 17, 2013


Happy Wednesday everyone!  It's been a crazy busy week around here with kids activities almost everyday so far.  Thankfully we are alllllllllmost done with activities, for at least a month.  Monday I celebrated my birthday, I actually had the day off, and enjoyed just hanging out at home getting caught up.  Of course by mid afternoon everything halted and my eyes were glued to the television.  Such sadness and anger we are all feeling, and for what?  I guess we will never know.  Head over to Jennifer's blog, Smelling Coffee, she had an amazing post that really hit home with me.

God Bless!

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Apr 10, 2013


This is what consumes our life from September-April.  Well, this and dance.  Oh, and gymnastics. And orchestra.  And Girl Scouts.  And beer.  Wait, beer??  Sorry, that one just slipped....

I have so enjoyed watching Rachel play volleyball this year.  Her 5th & 6th grade team only lost 2 games all season, they played amazing!  In November they all tried out for a JO (Junior Olympic) team.  Rachel was one of two girls in group to not make it.  It was horribly devastating.  For her and for me.  My heart broke to see her so upset.  But I tell you what, this kid took it in stride.  She was sad for about 3-4 days, and then she told me she was done being sad and ready to work hard to make it next year!  Wowsers.  I was still drowning my sorrows in chocolate and ice cream when I figured it was time for me to get over it too.

She tried out for another JO team the end of January and made that (it's a short season team).  They have improved a ton since they started, and even though they haven't won a lot of games, they are so positive!  The cool thing is how supportive her friends have been.  They send her texts all the time to wish her good luck.  Love that!  Rachel also got the chance to be a team manager for 17s JO team (her babysitter is on that team and asked her).  She travels with them and has loved every second of it!

Even though it's a lot of running, we have enjoyed every second watching her play.  She is such a positive, hard working player!

Apr 8, 2013

Menu Planning Monday

Happy Monday!  It's a gorgeous sunny, warm day here in Minnesota...the birds are chirping, snow is gone and summer, by golly, is on its way!!  Ohhhhhh, wait, I'm thinking of the wrong state.  Dang.  It's about 35 here, cloudy and wet.  And snow.  We still have snow.  And we're supposed to get more on Wednesday.  And that makes me crabby.

Oh well, our home is healthy (for now), I have today off (woot woot) and I am kind enjoying my new WoodWick candle and making my meal plans for the week.

We had a busy weekend full of volleyball and, more volleyball.  It was great though, I love watching Rachel and her team play.  Although sometimes I yell.  But it's all good, I don't think she hears me.  I don't yell meanly, only trying to give advice, in shorts bursts.

This week has been a little hard doing my menu planning as I am on a week long fast with my Bible study gals.  We are following the Daniel Fast, which is essentially going Vegan.  So, no meat, dairy, sugar, processed foods and coffee.  I know, crazy, right?  No coffee.  Like none.  At all.  For a whole week.  Sweet mother of all that is yummy, I can't drink coffee.  It has been very trying, but also a very rewarding experience.  I say that now, 4 days into it.  On day 2 I was ready to behead anyone that mentioned the words coffee, mocha or the color brown.  The headache was killer, let me tell you!  However, I am adapting, and I am actually loving the different foods I am making.  Last night I made spaghetti and meatballs for the family.  For myself I made a huge spaghetti squash and a homemade veggie spaghetti sauce.  I was a bit naughty though, and had fresh parmesan cheese on top, oops!

I will finish the fast on Thursday (just in time for a girls weekend!), but plan to keep many of the same habits, except the coffee.  I need coffee.  So here's the fam's menu for the week....

Monday-  Scalloped potatoes and ham- For me, probably left over spaghetti squash from last night
Tuesday-  Crockpot Chicken and Rice- I can eat the rice, and will steam up some veggies
Wednesday-  Chicken Rigatoni Skillet from Finding Joy in My Kitchen
Thursday-  Beef Roast-  I'm thinking of trying Pioneer Woman's recipe but using roast instead of pork
Friday-  Left overs or maybe pizza night
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Apr 3, 2013

Homemade Larabars

I enjoy the occasional Larabar, but dang are they spendy!  Since I would rather make my own things, I thought I would give these a try.  I have seen the recipe all over Pinterest, and I ended up taking a couple recipes and combining them.  They were scrumptious, and easy too!

I did not have cashews on hand, so I used almonds.  I took half a can of almonds, and pulsed them in my food processor.  I added medjool dates, chopped up (remember to take the pits out!  I didn't know there were pits in them, oops...) and pulsed them with the almonds.  To get the right consistency, I added a few Tbl. of Sunbutter (we can't eat peanut butter, allergies).  And there ya have it folks.  Super easy!  I put them in a small glass baking dish and put them in the refrigerator for a few hours to firm them up.  I am enjoying this as an afternoon fuel snack, delicious!

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Apr 2, 2013

Gratituesday-The Sick Way

Poor little mousey has the stomach flu.  I am amazed at the amount of liquid that can come from such a little thing.  She started throwing up yesterday about 4:30 in the afternoon (at Grandma's none the less) and didn't stop until midnight or so.  We all slept for a few hours and then this morning she got sick again:(

You feel so bad and so helpless...and then panic sets in, wondering who the next victim will be.  We use a lot of essential oils, so I've been diffusing Thieves in the air, Peppermint on her feet and tummy, and lavender in the bath.

I am hoping she will make the turn around, we have troubles maintaining a normal blood sugar for her (she has Ketotic Hypoglycemia) and if she doesn't start eating, I'm afraid she'll have to go in.  For now we are enjoying lots of baths and Dora the Explorer!

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Apr 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

I hope that each and every one of you had a wonderful, blessed Easter!  I have enjoyed reading all the Bible stories with the girls, and having lots of good discussion about why God sacrificed his Son for us.

We had a busy weekend, Saturday we had an Easter egg hunt at church, being that we had snow still, they put all the eggs in the parking lot.  So it's not really a "hunt", more of a "grab a bunch of eggs in front of you". They had different age groups, so you don't have to worry about the bigger kids running over the littles.  After the hunt, they did a couple of programs which were neat and kid friendly.  The coolest one though was a black light show that Rachel was a part of, she had so much fun!

Saturday evening we had an outdoor Easter egg hunt...I placed battery operated tealights in the eggs, and hid them outside.  It was a little odd hiding them in the snow, but kind of neat.  Last year it was in the 70's.  Oy.

The girls with their eggs, funny how something so simple can be so much fun!

We also made our Resurrection Rolls, which is another great little lesson about Easter.  You have melted butter in one bowl to represent the oils placed on Jesus' body, cinnamon/sugar mixture in another to represent the spices placed on his body.  You take a large marshmallow (which represents Jesus) and dip it in the butter, then roll in spices and wrap up in a crescent roll.  When you bake them, the crescent rolls puff up, but the marshmallow melts.  It's a great visual for the kids to see that Jesus has risen!