Oct 26, 2013

Fall is Here

No words here, just absolutely love this picture of my bigs with her pups...

Oct 11, 2013

Summer in Duluth

Duluth is my all time favorite place to visit.  I love that in only a couple hours you feel like your a world away...its also a very special place to me, as we used to vacation there as a child and Brad and I spent our honeymoon and our 10th anniversary there.  Duluth has SO much to see and do, so with my sisters wedding back in August, we decided to do a mini vacay out of it.

Brad and I always laugh at how opposite we are in our hobbies.  He loves to hunt anything and everything...seriously, if you peeked in my freezer right now you would find 4 different types of ducks waiting to be mounted (stuffed??), a wild turkey he got this last spring, geese and of course venison.  Honestly, it's ridiculous.  I need another freezer...

I love to craft, decorate and read.  While he loves to watch all sporting events, I'm not much into TV.  When I do have the tv on, it's usually on our Sirius music channels (love me some Big Band and 80's rock!) or Food Network.  

But the one thing that Brad and I are, is spontaneous.  Minus our Mexico and Disney trip, we rarely plan more than a week ahead if we get an idea to go somewhere.  Last fall we did a last minute trip up to Duluth to see the fall colors and it was the best.vacation.ever.  So the day after Tracy and Peter's wedding, we decided to drive up the scenic drive which is along the shores of Lake Superior.  I made no less than 40 phone calls to various hotels and resorts until we FINALLY found a room in Silver Bay.

Before we got to the hotel we decided to see Gooseberry Falls which is a beautiful waterfall/nature preserve.  I of course was a nervous wreck thinking someone was going to fall and break their head open, but thankfully everyone was fully intact by the end of the day:)

The girls were amazed at how beautiful it was...They waded in the water and Alayna tried to catch her some tadpoles.

Once we got to Silver Bay, we ate at a little bar and grill down the road from our hotel and stuffed ourselves silly.  Once we got the girls settled into bed, Brad and I mixed a cocktail and headed outside to enjoy our view of Lake Superior.  It was one of those vacations that you truly feel depressed leaving.  No worries, no time constraints and no where we "had" to be.  Truly glorious!