Jun 9, 2016

Life Lately- April

I have had this post saved for awhile but for got to finish it, ha!
Here's a little look into our life lately in April...

Sisterly love....somedays they do like each other!  They are watching Grey's Anatomy and bonding.  So nice to see them together and quiet.  Not screaming.  Or eye rolling.  Or name calling.

Emma's bff's making mini pizzas for her birthday.

Our nephew got married the middle of April, loved how this pic turned out!

I hit a turkey on my way into work.  Who knew they could cause so much damage??

For National Administrative Day, our salesman stopped by Nadia Cakes to pick up a dozen cupcakes.  Oh.my.word.  SO good!!

Rachel and Emma went through gun training and had their field day, so Brad did some practicing with them.  Emma finally got over her fear of shooting a gun and did awesome.  Brad said she was Annie Oakley!

We poured a concrete slab last fall for a fire pit and finally got to use it, we love it!

Oh Hey June!

So apparently it's June already.  Where the heck did May go??  I don't like the fact that time flies by in warped speed.  Sheesh.
Here's what we were up to in May!

We drove down to see my Grandpa who is in a nursing home.  It was so good to see him and chat, he could talk for HOURS about when he was in the war, and I love every second of it!

We had a finch that flew into our patio doors and died, so William and Alayna had a funeral.  Alayna even sang the Hallelujah song, haha!

The end of May I got to go with Brad to a work convention in Chicago!  I had never been and absolutely LOVED it!

So much to see and do and eat!

I was able to go on a field trip with Alayna's class to the Ojibwa museum.  It is a really cool museum all about the Ojibwa Indians and their culture.

Alayna was gifted some roller blades and has been rollerblading non.stop.

Over Memorial Weekend Emma and I were very busy making food.  We made this homemade strawberry lemonade that was AMAZING!!

We had our annual Memorial Weekend campfire at the farm.  Emma enjoyed hanging with this sweet thing.

All the dads and kids had a wiffle ball tournament.  Most of the dads couldn't walk the next day.

Finally mousey had her dance show!  She is in a hip hop class and she danced SO well!  I wish she would stick with it, but I don't think she wants to.

She vowed she will never wear that outfit again, haha!

This summer is already crazy with all the girls' activities and running around, very thankful to have help (thanks mom!) to get them to their destinations.
Now I just need a secretary.  And a drink.

May 2, 2016

Alayna #10

Today is our sweet mouseys birthday!  Grandpa Jerry gave Alayna the nickname "mouse" when she was about 2, because she was such a peanut, it has stuck with her ever since!

Alayna has been SUCH a joy to have in our lives!  Now, I may not have felt this joyful back when she was 3 & 4, she may have been a slight (or major) pain in my behind.  However, thankfully she grew out of that!

When I say our lives would be boring without her, that's a major understatement!  Alayna is SO funny and has the best sense of humor, honestly, this kid cracks us up on a daily basis.

She loves her cousins to pieces and you will mostly find her with the babies.  She is becoming quite the little volleyball player, and also plays softball and is in a hip hop class!  She loves to be busy, some days I would love for her to want to lay down and nap with me, but she too busy for that, haha.

She loves to be outside whether it's shooting hoops, throwing the volleyball around or biking.  Her and her cousin William are very close and love hanging out together playing legos or making Ninja Warrior courses outside.

Alayna, we love you SO much and hope that you have an amazing birthday!!

Apr 21, 2016

Wedding Weekend

This past weekend our nephew Brian got married.  It was such a fun wedding and the girls still talk about how they wish they could go back!

The wedding and reception was in Hutchinson, about 45 minutes away.

Road trip selfie!

Thankfully my niece Andi didn't have to do much with her kids because between Emma and Alayna, they took care of the girls, haha!

This is Madalyn and Rachel, Maddie's mom and I have been best friends since 7th grade AND she is my sister in law!  She married Brad's brother 10 years ago, how cool is that?!
And how beautiful are these two?????

Dancing the night away!

Ellie pretty much stuck by Emma during the dance.  Madalyn caught the bouquet and gave it to Ellie who proceeded to throw the bouquet to anyone who was paying attention, haha!

Emma and Isabel

Rachel and her cousins Sam and Isaac.

I LOVE this pic!  Brad's dad isn't paying attention in the least...

Rachel and her godmother and aunt, Barb.

Rachel with the groom.  It's funny because when Rach was little we always thought she looked like Brian!

The crazy sister in laws!

Me and my love...

It was such a fun night hanging out with Brad's family!

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Emma Jo #13

Emma Jo turns 13 today and I can't hardly believe it.  Where is my oh so sweet and sensitive squeaky voice girl?  This picture seems like it was last year...Rachel reading oh so nicely to her sister.  What you didn't see was me asking Rachel to give some food to Emma and Rachel throwing the food AT Emma.  *sigh*

Emma has turned into an amazing young woman!  We are so proud and blessed to have her, she has a heart of gold and truly loves her family and friends.  (except in the mornings, please don't talk to her or ask too many questions)

Emma is spunky and so full of life, her favorite thing to do is plan and throw parties (she gets that from me!), read and hang out.  Her sense of humor cracks us up all.the.time.

She loves clothes, shopping and playing piano and violin.  She has that trait where she can hear a song and start playing it on the piano, it's crazy!

She especially loves her baby cousins Ellie, Issy and Noah.  If she can hang with them all day she would!  In fact at Grandmas the other day, Ellie (who is 2), ate lunch quickly and got her blankie to take a nap so that when she woke up Emma would be there!!

Emma Jo we love you SO much and are so blessed to call you ours!!!

Apr 15, 2016

Friday Favorites: Birthday Edition!!

Happy Friday everyone!  It is sunny and 75 here in the great state of Minnesota, AND it's my birthday!!!  I don't think it could get better...

I have been spoiled all day and I'm not gonna lie, I'm lovin it!  Brad and the girls made a big breakfast, along with gifts and these are the gorgeous flowers I got from my co workers, along with an Applebee's gift card, so sweet!

Tonight we are having friends over to barbecue and sit on the patio, can't wait!

Last weekend I had my annual girls weekend and we had a blast!  The last couple years we've gone to Stillwater, I love that place.  Such character and history.  We stay at the Lowell Inn in their penthouse (it's an old historical hotel and while the penthouse is nice, it's quite outdated) and it's nice to have room to play cards or nap if we want.

We pretty much shopped, ate and had cocktails.  My favorite part is finding a fun bar and playing cards, so relaxing!  However one of these gals who shall remain nameless (wasn't me), may have had a leeeetle too much the first night and paid for it, haha!

Love these girls!

Tomorrow we have Brad's nephews wedding in Hutchinson, that will be a ton of fun!  Another busy weekend, but lots of fun too!

Have a great weekend!

Apr 6, 2016

Life Lately

Tomorrow I leave for a GLOOOORIOUS 3 days with my 3 best friends and I can't even begin to tell you how FREAKIN EXCITED I AM!  Seriously.  It's been a long few months and I cannot wait to just relax and gossip, eat and drink.  Just sayin.

Here's a bit of what our life has looked like in the past week....

Rachel made the A honor roll, woot woot!!

Emma Jo had her middle school dance, sigh.

How in the world can she be so old already?  Isn't she gorgeous??!!  I made have shed a tear when I dropped her off, simply because time is truly going to fast.

Fun fact you maybe didn't know...I attended (and graduated) beauty school right out of high school.  I did hair for about 4 years and hated every bit of it, lol!  However, Emma wanted this fancy updo and I was super stoked that I still had skillz.

Saturday we took off to the cities with our friends Jim and Melissa to see "An Evening with Janis Joplin".  We had such a blast!  First we went to Kincaid's and had supper and drinks.  The food was AMAZING (however throwing it up later on was not joyful...)

The concert was absolutely amazing!  I would highly recommend seeing it if you can, I would go back and see it again!

(what's up with my Gilly smile anyway???)

Image result for saturday night live gilly

We got home around 12:30 and were exhausted!  Unfortunately I woke up with the stomach flu in the middle of the night.  Sunday I literally stayed in bed until 3:00, I was miserable.  It's been at least 5-6 years since I've had that, hopefully it will be that long before I get it again, yuck.