Jul 18, 2017

The Weekend

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I had one of the BEST weekends I've had in awhile, lots of relaxing and prepping/planning.

Last Thursday I came down with some kind of a stomach bug.  I felt like I had morning sickness all over again, I was miserable.  I would go to work, come home and sleep.  I missed mouses softball game on Thursday and a fun night out with friends on Friday.  Such a bummer.
However, I got SO much planning done and it feels amazing!

This was my view for a few days, Pinterest, planner and my lazy cat, lol!

Pure lazy.  But pure cuteness.

I was able to meal plan through October and get the girls' school supply lists written out and organized.  I know I'm crazy to even think about back to school, but with 3 kids (and girls), I have to start early.

Alayna and I had our coffee date last night and got all her school supplies bought!  I also ordered her a ton of clothes from Old Navy, so she's pretty set!

Image result for back to school

Saturday we had a family reunion, thankfully I was feeling better and was able to go.  They had a ton of different types of beer, I tried this one and it was delicious!

However, my fave drink right now has been lemon sparkling water with limes and lemons.  So refreshing!  I finally gave up my beloved Diet Coke.  It's been 2 weeks and honestly. I've never felt better.  How sad, right?!

It's been a hot few days, but thankfully we finally got some rain last night. 
Hope you all are enjoying your week!!

Jul 13, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  I was dreading this week after having such a short week last week.  I figured this week would draaaaaaaag on, but thankfully it flew by!

I didn't get a chance to recap last weekend....we spent Saturday and Sunday at our friends cabin.  We got there around 2 on Saturday and spent the day tubing and just relaxing by the lake. 

Emma had her bff Kyleigh with all weekend too.  These girls are two peas in a pod.  Kyleigh's mom and dad and I went to school together, and I did daycare for Ky and her brother until they started school.  These two are still super close.  Ky comes and spends the weekend with us every couple months, she's our 4th daughter.  :)

Saturday night the bugs were bad, so we just sat inside and played cards.  We borrowed a tent and all the kiddos slept out there, another thing to cross of mouses bucket list!

Monday night Brad and I went out for supper to celebrate our anniversary that was on the 11th.  We decided to skip softball on Tuesday and the girls made supper for us!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mouse had volleyball camp at St.Ben's.  She was super excited since her cousin Isaac's girlfriend plays on St.Ben's team and was helping out.  She had a ton of fun!

Wednesday Brad decided to take the younger two on a work trip to Wisconsin.  They had a blast swimming while daddy worked!

Rachel worked from 5-9, so I actually had the WHOLE house to myself!  It was amazing!  I literally sat at the island in the kitchen all night while getting my planner organized and getting meal planning done through September. Call me crazy, but I also started making a list of back to school stuff!!

I know, I'm crazy.  I just like to have an idea of what we need so  I'm not shelling out hundreds of dollars the end of August.

Have a fantastic weekend!!  Linking up with Andrea as usual...

Jul 12, 2017

19 Years

19 years ago Brad and I said I do.  19 YEARS AGO.  I can't even believe it's been that long!  I remember on our 5 year anniversary thinking that 5 years is such a long time....HA!

We had a wonderful day!  We got home from work and the girls were busily getting supper together.  They made fettuccine alfredo and homemade biscuits.  Do you know how amazing it is to come home from work and be told to go sit in the living room?  I could get used to this...

For dessert they made a raspberry cheesecake parfait.  Heavenly.

We had actually gone out for supper the night before since Alayna had softball (which we skipped) to this amazing new restaurant in town.  Always so fun to be able to go out, just the two of us.

If you know us, you know that no picture is complete unless we make a face...

After supper they told us to go up in our bathroom.  They made each of a "Reasons Why We Love You" post it notes in the shape of a heart on our mirrors.  Cue the tears!!  I don't know when I can take these down.  Brad placed them all around his mirror, so I'll probably do that too, I can't even think about taking them down yet!

I tell you what, I hit the jackpot in so many ways.  Brad is such an incredible husband and father.  There is not a day that goes by that he doesn't tell me I'm beautiful, and at least once a week he will send me an email telling me that he's the luckiest guy on earth.  

We have certainly had our ups and downs in our marriage, and we in no way, shape or form have it all figured out.  But we make the time for each other, in the summer we spend every morning on the porch before work, and most evenings you'll find us on the patio.  There is no one on this planet I would rather spend my time with, he makes me laugh ALL the time and I'm so proud of the man he is.  

Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for this man, our dating days were pretty rocky, and I'm SO thankful He kept us together.  Not only am I the lucky one, but our girls are so lucky to have him as their dad.  We truly hit the jackpot!

Jul 6, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone!  I completely thought that today was Tuesday until Brad asked the girls to help him take garbage out for Friday morning, woot woot!

Linking up with Andrea again...

So, so glad Friday is near, we are just chilling at home and then Saturday we're heading out to our friends cabin for some lake time.  Even though we just had 4 days off, everyday was packed full, so ready to just relax.

It's been a strange week not having Jazzy around.  I miss seeing her every morning and waiting for us when we get home...I have her pic on my phone and computer at work, I just wish I could smooch her sweet face.
I love this pic of her in her Halloween costume!!

I will say that I cannot believe how clean my house has been, you forget how much dogs shed, yikes.  We had a local company come out and clean our carpets and air ducts.  With all the remodeling and cat/dog hair, it was bad.  We've been here for almost 12 years and never had the air ducts cleaned.  Feels so nice to have that done!

This week we celebrated the 4th of July, it's kind of a big deal around here!  In fact, I'm still recovering!  

Rachel started her new job this week.  She is a cashier at Scheeles which is a locally owned sports store, kind of like a smaller scale Cabela's or Gander Mountain,  We are so proud of her, her manager told her that they chose her out of 33 candidates!!  I love that she will have money of her own, but I hate how much she's gone, ugh.  I do have a pic of her in her outfit, but she made me promise not to post it anywhere, so I must oblige...

Brad and I went antique shopping on Saturday and found some awesome stuff for the bar area.  LOVE this sign, my favorite!

We also picked up this old boat ore, some antique shell boxes...

For Fathers Day the girls and I got Brad this Mn Wild sign that was locally made.  He uses old barnwood and hockey sticks, we love it!

And an old Coke crate.  Brad and I love anything and everything old!

The weather here has been HOT and sunny, this weekend is supposed to be not so hot but still gorgeous, looking forward to enjoying some lake time!

Have a great weekend!

Jul 5, 2017

4th of July Weekend

Happy Wednesday everyone. I hope you all had an amazing 4th of July weekend!!
Ours was fantastic, Brad and I both had all 4 days off and it was a perfect mix of couple time, family time and pool time!

Saturday my mom took the girls for the day/overnight so Brad and I could have a date day and it was glorious.  We drove to Alexandria to do some antique shopping and we found quite a few things for the basement/bar area.  So excited to get some decorating done!
Sunday we went to our friends cabin to get in some lake time, relax and watch the girls have a blast in the water.  

In our town, the 4th of July is a pretty big deal.  Our church puts on a huge festival that starts on the 3rd with with live music, games, food, beer gardens, the whole shebang.  On the 4th they have a huge parade and then more live music/games/food.  This is an especially special day of the year for us because on this day 20 years ago, Brad proposed to me!

He had my dad make a sign that he put on the side of the fire truck and pulled me out in the middle of the road when the firetrucks came along and got down on one knee.  I was SHOCKED!  This was so unlike him!!  It was so special because he made sure my whole family was there and his also.  I love the look of shock on everyone's faces!!!

So of course the 4th has always been one of my favorite holidays.  I realized this year that I decorate almost as much for the 4th as I do for Christmas, ha!  I absolutely love all the red white and blue... 

We went up to the church grounds on the 3rd like always to listen to the music and watch the fireworks.

We were up bright and early to get to the parade.  We typically get there an hour early to get our spot and then walk around and chat with everyone.  Still is so fun to watch the kids!

My sweet grand niece Reagan...

After the parade everyone came to our house to swim and play bean bags.  It was SO HOT!

Brad made a flag meat and cheese board, love it!  I also made corn and black bean salsa, a pasta salad and Emma made cupcakes.  Everyone brought snacks, so much good food!  I absolutely love having everyone over, it's so fun to sit back and see how much fun everyone is having.

Around 7:00 we cleaned up and then headed to the farm for a campfire and sparklers.

It's always so neat because we can see the St.Cloud fireworks from the farm (St.Cloud is about 10 miles away)!  We were all completely wiped from the day.  In fact I'm STILL wiped today!

I'm a little sad that the 4th is over, I love our little town and all the festivities.  It's kind of like the day after Christmas.  Depressing.  

The rest of this week we have nothing going on.  Thank you Jesus.  It will take this old lady a couple days to recover from all the busyness!!

Jun 30, 2017


This is a tough post to write, and definitely NOT a favorite this Friday.  Monday night we had to put our sweet Jasmine down.  We discovered a large mass on her front leg about a month ago and the vet suspected cancer.  About 2 weeks later she could hardly walk and we brought her back in to find out that she had broken her pelvis.  We hoped and prayed that she would heal, but our poor baby was in constant pain.  We tried several pain meds and nothing helped.  We made the decision to put her down.  Our vet is one in a million.  She loves our animals as much as we do.  She actually came to our house to put her down at 7:30 on Monday night.  She walked in and sat down with Jazz and kissed her all over her face, she's amazing!

We're all devastated, you really take for granted how much they are a part of your family!


Jazz was an amazing hunter, that girl could swim laps for hours!

She was the most neediest dog you'll ever meet, anyone who came to the house, you were her best friend!!  The hardest part for me is the mornings.  As soon as she heard me come down the stairs, her tail would start whacking the wall and she'd jump up and down.  We'd go outside to go potty and then she'd eat her breakfast.  Most of the time she'd go out to potty, come in to eat and then go back outside for number 2.  Drove me BATTY!

Now my mornings are eerily quiet, and I don't like it one bit.  We had her for almost 11 years and she was another kid in our family.

I can't say enough how much we love our vet, she was so kind in explaining the process and how Jazz will feel nothing except no pain finally.

There will never be another one like Jazzy.

It's going to be a tough few weeks as we go through all of our "firsts" without her.  We'll get through it, but we will always miss our girl.

Linking up with Andrea.

Jun 15, 2017

Ladies Who Link-Summertime!

Linking up with these ladies for their monthly link up!!

Today we're talking about all things summer!  As much as I love summers, sometimes with the girls' schedules it gets to be even more crazy than the school year, if that's possible.  I always try to have some sort of a "schedule" for the girls and this year I am making even more of an effort to keep them occupied.

First up I wanted to show you this awesome seasonal surprise box I had ordered from Erin Condrin.  If you know me at all, you know my love affair with her planners.  I am on my 3rd year of getting one for Christmas, and I honestly don't know how people survive without one!

I had ordered this box back in May and totally forgot about it until it showed up in the mail, what a treat!
It was filled with different things like notepads, colored pencils, a bunch of accessories and my favorite was a new cover for my planner!

The box was only $35, and I plan on getting each one offered!

So this notepad was included, and I love, love, love this!  I write out Alayna's schedule for the week and have her check off things when she's done.  So far this working awesome, she's been very motivated to get her work done!

I put all of her summer fun things in this basket so she has it all together.  We get her the Summer Bridge workbook every year and I also included a fun You Can Draw book, BrainQuest cards and some math flash cards.  

Everyday except Fridays she has to do one page in her workbook, and IXL math online session and twice a week I have a craft for her to make.  Yesterday it was popsicle stick flags for Flag Day and today it's making a bubble snake.

Emma spends most of her time practicing calligraphy.  This kid has some crazy talent for writing!  She just bought an actual calligraphy pen and is having a blast with it.  Love seeing her creativity!

Rachel is going back for her 3rd interview today at a local sports shop, so we're hoping that they offer her a job.  It's very bittersweet for me, as I feel like once she gets a job she'll never be home...however I can't wait for her to have her own spending money!!

And of course most of their days are spent in the pool.  This was the BEST investment!  

Happy summer!!