Oct 28, 2010

Christmas Cards? Go Shutterfly!

So, did you happen to know that Christmas is exactly 58 days away????? I had to laugh because at a wedding in September, I had my cousin take a picture of us, and I had to make sure we were all coordinated and looking good because it was to be our Christmas card picture! Brad thought I was crazy. He should know better, silly boy. Of course I am.

Two years ago we used Shutterfly for the first time, and I LOVED how our card came out. Since then I have also made a thank you card for everyone that helped us out on our vaca to Mexico. Oh to be back in the warm sun, sand in your toes, pina coladas, gourmet meals, no whining children.....Crud, got away from myself again.....

Anyhoo, I really love Shutterfly, and right now they are doing a promo for bloggers, you can find the info here to find out how you too can get free cards!

I am thinking of using this design for our Christmas card this year. We were all decked out in blues, and I luuuuuurve me some blue and brown!

Here are some of my faves....

I LOVE this card, so adorable!!
Peppermint Pink

Or how about this one, toooooo cute!
Bright Blooming Tree

Wall calender love???

I have always wanted to do a kids January winter party, how cute would this be?
Winter Invite

Orrrrr, a fun adult cocktail party?
Cocktail Invite

Of course Shutterfly isn't just for the Holidays, they have E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G in between!
Baby Invitations
Address Labels
Photo Books

And so much more!

Oct 21, 2010

What I've Been Up To.....

I apologize for my (almost) month long absence, life gets in the way ya know and before you know it, a month flies by! We are doing well, Alayna is doing much better now that we know what she needs. She seriously eats like every 20 minutes, but not much, usually an apple, pear, banana, or almonds or cheese. Her behavior has been a HUGE improvement!

So, this is what we've been up to......

Pontooning on the lake. Yes, in October! The weather has been incredibly warm, and it's been awesome seeing the fall colors around the lake.

Chasing coots on the lake. We literally spent 20 minutes going through flocks of them, there were so many on the lake! Don't worry, no animals were harmed in said chasing.

Cooking. Ahhh, my relaxation. Rachel and I made homemade noodles to go along with Fettuccine Alfredo from my all time fave blog Finding Joy In My Kitchen. They turned out delicious!

And seeing this....Alayna snuggled up with her favorite stuffed animal (beast) Fetch.
I also want to include a couple of prayer requests....
Amy from New Nostalgia is going through breast cancer. I so enjoy her posts (and of course her blog:) so throw out some prayers for her, will ya?!
And another one of my fave blogs is Annie from The House That Jade Built. They are dealing with the possibility of their unborn baby being born with Down's Syndrome and many health issues.
These two ladies have really struck a chord with me, and I consider myself one of their prayers warriors! Will you join me?