May 27, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Whew! It's already Wednesday, yeehaw! We had a great weekend at the lake, although it seemed really BUSY. We went out on Friday, but by the time everything was unpacked and put away, it was 8:00. We had a great bonfire with the kids and then some relaxing time after they went to bed. Saturday we went swimming (the resort our camper is in has an indoor pool), and just hung out, as we were waiting to borrow a friends pontoon trailer so we could get our pontoon. By the time we got it, it was 5:00 and the pontoon is stored at our friends' cabin near Glenwood. We packed up AGAIN, and decided to stay the night at their cabin, which was a blast, great friends, great food and great drinks! Sunday we headed back to the camper, put the pontoon in, and drove around the lake which was HEAVEN! The great thing about the lake we're on is that have 3 other couples with cabins/campers on the same lake so when we go out driving around, you end up stopping for beers, lol!

Monday we headed back after lunch, it was cooler and windy. It was a great weekend, just not as relaxing as I was hoping, but now that everything is there, each weekend will be easier:) We are hoping to maybe get there this weekend again. Although, my Grandma is not doing well, in fact the nurse said she would be surprised if she made it to the weekend:( So we'll see what happens there. She is 82, and has been in the nursing home for about 6 months or so now, and has steadily gone downhill since being there. I pray that she passes away soon, it's hard to see a loved one in that condition.

My computer, for some reason, has been working perfectly fine now, very weird. I had it off all weekend, and when I rebooted it Monday, it's worked great. I don't know what the deal is, lol. I'm sure grateful to have it though!

I hope to download some more pics, and of course I didn't get ANY pics of the girls at the lake, grrrr. Have to remember to do that this weekend. This pic of Alayna was her nursing her baby, priceless!!

May 21, 2009

Oh no.....

Computer has virus, so I won't be posting much till it's fixed, ugh....

May 18, 2009

Has Summer Arrived??

Today is supposed to be 80, and tomorrow 75!! It's about time, although the weekend is supposed to be kind of cool. Oh well, as long as the sun is out, that's ok. We plan on heading out to the camper this weekend, brad is going on Friday to get the pontoon, and then we'll go on Saturday, can't wait! neither can the kids!

If you're lame, and don't know who the picture is, it's my main man, Keith Urban. Mom, Brad and I went and saw him last Thursday at the Excel. We had AMAZING seats! Lower level, row three!! (Not floor) He puts on such an incredible show, and I was glad that Brad came along, he was pretty impressed. The sucker was a hootin and hollerin just as much as us girls were! Ok, maybe not hootin and hollerin, but he was impressed:) Aaaaannnnnddddd, I got to TOUCH HIM!!!!!!! Yes that's correct, I touched Keith Urban's arm:) He was heading down to a different stage in the back of the Excel and walked past our area, so lame-oh-middle-aged me runs down so I can touch him, heehee!!! I think Brad was completely mortified:) All in all it was a fantastic concert, and I can't wait for the next one!! (BTW, Mom and I have seen him 5 times now:)

May 7, 2009

Alayna's 3!!

This is the last of the "cluster" of birthdays we have! And, as I say with all my kids, I cannot believe that my baby is three! She is quite the little spitfire, for only being three! On her actual birthday (May 2), we went out to the lake to open up the camper and clean it out a bit. After that we went out to eat in Cold Spring (yes, that's right, where the swine flu is *rolls eyes*) and then hung out for the rest of the day at home. It was a great relaxing day! Sunday we had Brad's parents and my Mom and Stepdad over for brunch. Brad made a wonderful egg bake, and bacon (from the pig we just had butchered- no flu yet) and I made some oatmeal blueberry muffins. It was a delicious meal! Alayna was so excited that she got a new trike and a scooter. That girl is allllll about being outside. For the most part she will wear some sort of dress up dress outside while riding her bike!