Aug 24, 2011

REAL Monkey Bread

My girls luuuuuuuurve them some monkey bread ( I don't know where they get that from??? Ahem, not me...). I make it every so often, but the last time I made it I wanted to use homemade dough instead of canned biscuits. I have nothing against canned biscuits, except for the fact that it's dough that shoots out of a can.....

I googled homemade monkey bread and found this yummy recipe. By making the dough in my Kitchenaid mixer, it streamlined the recipe quite a bit. Once the dough was rolled in the cinnamon/sugar mixture, and the sauce poured over the top, I put it in the fridge overnight. when the girls got up, this is what they got......

Absolutely divine! And so full of calories and fat, you can feel those suckers forming on your thighs.....But ohhhh so worth it!!!

Aug 8, 2011

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

A few weeks ago Rachel had a surprise going away party for her friend Sydney who was moving away. We went with a summery/retro decor. I had ordered a couple things from Oriental Trading Company, but only spent about $20 total! Everything else I already had. The girls devoured sloppy joes, chips and veggies and to drink, I made them Shirley Temples. They spent most of their time in the hot tub jamming out to Katy Perry. And as much as I hate to admit it.....I really like Katy Perry.....

The girls and I filled mason jars with white beans, and colored balled up tissue paper, glued ribbons around the rim, and placed candles inside.

For dessert I made Homemade ice cream sandwiches. I used regular graham crackers, homemade vanilla ice cream and the most ah-mazing fudge sauce ever!! The girls raved over how yummy they were, and I got a couple phone calls from moms asking for the recipe.

These were a super easy, yummy summer treat!

Aug 2, 2011

What We've Been Up To

Boy oh boy has this summer flown by. We had such a rainy, cool spring and part of summer that I can't believe it's August already! Now if we can just make it through this summer with all of our trees, we'll be ok! The weather has been very stormy, seems like every other day we're getting severe weather.

Now it is August, which will fly by as will our money, haha! School shopping for all three girls, yep that's right, Miss A will start all day kindergarten this year. I can't imagine all three girls being in school, I am SO excited to see how much fun Alayna will have. She is B.O.R.E.D. here at home, so school will be a wonderful addition for her.

Alayna feeding the chickens at Hemker Zoo

The girls posing....
The three days a week we spent at a softball field....And, Rachel's team only lost ONE game the whole season!!!!
Emma's first day of overnight camp, she had an absolute blast, and is already planning her week of it next year. Brad and I have already taken out a small loan to afford three kids' summer activities.....