Aug 29, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Yikes, summer is coming to an end, and school will soon be starting, NOOOOOOOOO!!! I really thought I was ready for this a couple weeks ago, but now I'm not so sure. My sweet little Emma will start half day Kindergarten, and I'm really stressing that she will be away from me. She is my little sensitive, gets her feelings hurt girl:( I know she will do amazing, but I feel like I'm not quite ready to let her go yet. Rachel is soooo ready! She is counting the days. I ended up taking the first day of school off because A. I NEED A BREAK. and B. I want to relish every minute of hearing them talk about the first day of school:) mom is going to come out in the morning for coffee, I think she knows I might need some moral support!!

I'm so excited for Emma, because she started reading this summer!! We have always worked on letters and sounds, but she really started this on her own! And Rachel is 5 pages away from finishing her first chapter book for the summer (Junie B Jones). She is a hard one to get to sit down and read, so I am very proud of her accomplishment! I will miss these two when school starts, but they are both ready. We got to see our new school, and it ROCKS!! It is beautiful, and spacious, and bright, so different from the old one.

In cooking news, there is nothing to report. Suppers have been a tad boring the last couple weeks, only because I have been SWAMPED with planning daycare activities, and and getting our Walk for World Breastfeeding Week going. I feel like my head has been spinning for a few weeks, not sure if I'm coming or going, LOL!!! Although, I did make fried chicken for the first time last week, and it was awesome!! Rachel found a great recipe, and it was delish!

I pray that everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!!!!!!!!!

Aug 7, 2008

No camera, bah humbug

Well my trusty ole camera has gone kaput. No, actually it's just the batteries have died. I've been fighting a low battery for a couple months, but now I really have to buy a new one. We were hoping to buy a new camera, as our Kodak isn't faring well these days. The pictures aren't good anymore. Brad found a Canon that he really wants, but Rachel has a molar coming in wrong, and now we have to spend $500 to fix the issue. So long camera.....

The week went by fast, I was down two of my daycare kids this week, so it was a bit quieter than normal. Last night I made another peach pie with the remaining peaches from my crate. I was so bummed the camera didn't work, because it really was a beautiful pie. Brad laughed when he saw it:) Oh, and the ham with the peach sauce was WONDERFUL! I will definately make that again.

Tonight we had chicken/veggie fajitas. The marinade was a combo of soy sauce/worcesteshire/minced garlic/cumin/lemon juice/oregano and oil. It was delicious! Even the girls liked it. I also made a huge batch of chicken noodle soup. Mine is very simple, chicken stock, carrots, celery, chicken, noodles and then I put a pound of spinach in, and cook that for awhile, then remove the spinach. It makes me feel like we're getting extra nutrients, who knows??!! I froze them in 1 cup freezer bags, it's always nice to have some homemade soup on hand when someone is sick.

This weekend is "cousin's camp" with my mom and her husband. They take 6 of the grandkids (Alayna is too little yet) for the weekend and have all kinds of fun things for them to do. The girls are sooo excited! So it will just be the three of us. Saturday Alayna and I are going to the annual Bluegrass and Old Time Music Festival. We went a couple years back when Alayna was a baby, and it was such a fun time! I think Brad is hoping to get his garage cleaned and organized. WOOHOO!!!

Aug 4, 2008

Another Day in the Kitchen

We had a great, but busy weekend! Saturday morning Rachel, Emma and myself sat at the kitchen table to plan our weeks menu. Rachel got to find a supper meal, and Emma got to pick the dessert and a muffin recipe. Rachel chose a recipe for Crispy Fried Chicken and Parmesan Potatoes from one of my Taste Of Home cookbooks. Emma chose Strawberry muffins, and fancy white cake as her dessert. I'll make sure and post pics of these. I made the muffins yesterday morning and they were delicious!!! Very moist, and fruity.

I also made two loaves of Honey Wheat bread yesterday, but I didn't have any honey, so I used molasses instead. It still turned out good, I just prefer the honey over molasses. I had also gotten a box of canning peaches, so I made my first peach pie, and was that GOOD!!! I have eaten way too much already:)

Tonight I have a ham in the crockpot, I made up a peach sauce to go over it, we'll see how that turns out. I have so many of these peaches that I'm trying to think of anything and everything to use those babies up!! I think I'll make one more pie, as I only have 7 peaches left, or maybe I'll make some muffins. I would love some great muffin recipes, Thursdays are always muffin days for breakfast. Please share!!