Jul 25, 2009


Our patio is finished! I am soooo excited that project is done, lol! We had our first supper out there tonight, spaghetti. The girls were very excited that we can now eat outside! It was wonderful and peaceful eating out there. Now Brad is busy with landscaping around it. today we went and bought a bunch of plants and flowers and he dug everything up and edged it. Tomorrow morning he hopes to lay the landscape fabric, plant everything and put in the mulch. Can't wait to see how it looks.
Today was a great day, the older two decided to stay at Grandma's to play with their cousins so it was just Alayna and I. She plays so nice when she's by herself. She helped me make cinnamon rolls for breakfast tomorrow, because she is the "spesal helper, mom!" I started this new thing in daycare where everyone gets a turn to be the "special helper" for the day. It's quite a big hit right now. Thursday was Alayna's day, and that night we walked over to the farm to visit. We were sitting outside and Alayna had to use the bathroom. I told her to ask daddy, so she told him, "daddy, you're the winner! You get to come with me because I'm the spesal helper!" Oh, it was priceless!

Jul 22, 2009

Busted Burgers

I didn't use the recipe from my Pampered Chef recipe, but one from AllRecipes.com. It called for ranch dressing packet, 1/4 c worcestershire sauce and an egg. The taste was VERY strong, too much worcestershire. Plus, they didn't stay together well. Oh well, we still ate them! Tonight is going to be leftover night, I think.

Last night was a great night, we all picked weeds in the garden, woohoo! No really, it was fun! Rachel helped Brad and I pick weeds, and Alayna and Emma fed the cows that came to watch. Our garden is looking awesome, the tomatoes are out of control, lol. We also have sweet corn, potatoes, peas, lettuce, green peppers, pumpkins, melon, squash, and garlic. I'm so stoked to finally have a garden! I look forward to canning this Fall.

Speaking of Fall, call me a nut, but I have already started school shopping. I ordered the girls' backpacks from Lands End, they had a deal on free shipping. Plus, the ones we have always bought at Target always fall apart. Then I ordered a bunch of clothes from LL Bean. Everything I got was on clearance, plus I found an online coupon for free shipping. I'm happy to at least have a head start on things and not spend a ton of money at one time:) It's hard to think of the girl's going back to school, I really love having them home. They both have turned into such wonderful helpers.

Jul 21, 2009

And Time Goes On.....

Yikes, it's been awhile since I've written. With the fourth of July, vacation, and a death in the family, so much has gone on. We had a WONDERFUL vacation! The weather was perfect, the girls were perfect, it was truly one of those perfect vacations! We went to the lake Sunday the 5th through Thursday. Thursday night I had gotten Brad and I tickets to see the River Bats play. Afterwards we went to the Legion for a couple drinks, it was nice to just hang out with each other. Friday, Rachel and I went to Alexandria to do some antique shopping, we had such a blast! It's fun that she is at the age to enjoy that with me, although she couldn't quite understand why I would want to buy old used things, lol. Friday night Emma and Rachel went to Moms for the weekend for "cousins camp" so it was just Alayna for the weekend! I got my fill of playing Barbies:) (Also, we had bought an old Barbie house at an antique shop) All in all, fab vacation!

I was ready to get back to work though, I thrive on schedules, lol. It was long enough for me to miss all my little munchkins:)

Last Tuesday (the 14th) we lost my Grandma "Omi" (I *think* that name came from either me or Patrick who couldn't say Naomi). She had been ill for over a year, so it was truly a blessing. Although it doesn't make it much easier:( The visitation and funeral was so nice, it's always good to see everyone, and the kids had fun with their cousins. I was happy that one of the last times I was at their house when Grandma still lived there, I went through her recipes and took some in her handwriting. I would love to compile a cookbook with recipes from both Grandmas to pass down to my girls.

Speaking of cooking, I bought a new cookbook from Pampered Chef called, "29 Minutes Until Dinner". FABULOUS cookbook, fabulous!!! I have already made three recipes out of it, and each one was superb! Rachel has been helping me cook dinner at night, she does the chopping (yes Dad, with a knife!) and mixing, and of course loves it:) Tonight we are having "Ultimate Peppercorn Burgers", last night I made "Toasted Angel Hair Pasta with Sausage and Peppers" I think one will be a mega favorite of mine! Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend this cookbook!

I am including a picture that we were so excited to see, a DEER!!! In almost 4 years that we have lived here, the only deer I've seen was a few running in the woods next to our house the first winter we were here. We all enjoyed watching her!!