Jul 25, 2009


Our patio is finished! I am soooo excited that project is done, lol! We had our first supper out there tonight, spaghetti. The girls were very excited that we can now eat outside! It was wonderful and peaceful eating out there. Now Brad is busy with landscaping around it. today we went and bought a bunch of plants and flowers and he dug everything up and edged it. Tomorrow morning he hopes to lay the landscape fabric, plant everything and put in the mulch. Can't wait to see how it looks.
Today was a great day, the older two decided to stay at Grandma's to play with their cousins so it was just Alayna and I. She plays so nice when she's by herself. She helped me make cinnamon rolls for breakfast tomorrow, because she is the "spesal helper, mom!" I started this new thing in daycare where everyone gets a turn to be the "special helper" for the day. It's quite a big hit right now. Thursday was Alayna's day, and that night we walked over to the farm to visit. We were sitting outside and Alayna had to use the bathroom. I told her to ask daddy, so she told him, "daddy, you're the winner! You get to come with me because I'm the spesal helper!" Oh, it was priceless!

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