Feb 26, 2014

Meal Prep!

I've shared before how I like to have a meal plan for every week.  If I don't have meals prepped, we're more likely to eat out.  I'm not against eating out, sometimes we eat out once a week, depends on our (aka, the girls') schedules.


I used to use my Sunday afternoons to browse cookbooks. magazines and cooking blogs to make my meal plans for the week.  I loooooved my Sunday afternoons!  Now we have volleyball most weekends, so I make the time to do a monthly meal plan.  
Right now I have Fridays off, so when I am not running errands and kids to their appointments, I will meal prep.  I like to get at least a couple full meals made up and put in the freezer, brown up a few pounds of hamburger, grill chicken. make meatballs and chop up veggies. Weeknight meals are WAY easier when you have the main things prepped.

I also make my lunches for the week.  I don't mind eating the same things everyday, I truly don't get bored.  I have a mixed green salad with carrots, sugar snap peas and grilled chicken.  A side of fruit and veggies and some hummus rounds out my lunch.

This is what works for me, I love knowing whats on the menu everyday!

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