Feb 7, 2014

Let The Games Commence!

We love, love, love the Olympics around here.  When I was growing up, my mom was craaaazy for the Olympics!  The TV was on all day long and I now enjoy being that mom with my girls.  My winter faves are figure skating and hockey.  I thought it would be fun to get the girls involved this year.

I found a blog that had a list of all the most winning countries for the winter Olympics, so I printed that out and cut those up.  I made a score sheet in Microsoft Word that we can keep track of our countries and what medals they won, gold, silver or bronze.  I had Rachel fold up the pieces of paper and throw them in a bowl and we each choose 2 pieces of paper.  Those are our teams to watch for the next 2 weeks.  Who ever wins the most medals wins.  I think I'll just do cash or something simple.  I did not put USA in, as we usually go away with the most medals, so it wouldn't be fair.

Pssst, I got Canada and Switzerland....woot woot!

The youngins wanted to make a craft, so I cut out the bowl part of some styrofoam bowls I had on hand and they painted them the Olympic ring colors.  It really didn't turn out so well, I guess paint doesn't stick on styrofoam.  Who knew?

Oh well, it was fun anyway.  I took some cookie dough out of the freezer that I had left over from Christmas so that Alayna and I can make Olympic ring cookies tomorrow.  She's been begging to make cookies. 

Go USA!  And Canada and Switzerland...

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