Jun 30, 2017


This is a tough post to write, and definitely NOT a favorite this Friday.  Monday night we had to put our sweet Jasmine down.  We discovered a large mass on her front leg about a month ago and the vet suspected cancer.  About 2 weeks later she could hardly walk and we brought her back in to find out that she had broken her pelvis.  We hoped and prayed that she would heal, but our poor baby was in constant pain.  We tried several pain meds and nothing helped.  We made the decision to put her down.  Our vet is one in a million.  She loves our animals as much as we do.  She actually came to our house to put her down at 7:30 on Monday night.  She walked in and sat down with Jazz and kissed her all over her face, she's amazing!

We're all devastated, you really take for granted how much they are a part of your family!


Jazz was an amazing hunter, that girl could swim laps for hours!

She was the most neediest dog you'll ever meet, anyone who came to the house, you were her best friend!!  The hardest part for me is the mornings.  As soon as she heard me come down the stairs, her tail would start whacking the wall and she'd jump up and down.  We'd go outside to go potty and then she'd eat her breakfast.  Most of the time she'd go out to potty, come in to eat and then go back outside for number 2.  Drove me BATTY!

Now my mornings are eerily quiet, and I don't like it one bit.  We had her for almost 11 years and she was another kid in our family.

I can't say enough how much we love our vet, she was so kind in explaining the process and how Jazz will feel nothing except no pain finally.

There will never be another one like Jazzy.

It's going to be a tough few weeks as we go through all of our "firsts" without her.  We'll get through it, but we will always miss our girl.

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Jun 15, 2017

Ladies Who Link-Summertime!

Linking up with these ladies for their monthly link up!!

Today we're talking about all things summer!  As much as I love summers, sometimes with the girls' schedules it gets to be even more crazy than the school year, if that's possible.  I always try to have some sort of a "schedule" for the girls and this year I am making even more of an effort to keep them occupied.

First up I wanted to show you this awesome seasonal surprise box I had ordered from Erin Condrin.  If you know me at all, you know my love affair with her planners.  I am on my 3rd year of getting one for Christmas, and I honestly don't know how people survive without one!

I had ordered this box back in May and totally forgot about it until it showed up in the mail, what a treat!
It was filled with different things like notepads, colored pencils, a bunch of accessories and my favorite was a new cover for my planner!

The box was only $35, and I plan on getting each one offered!

So this notepad was included, and I love, love, love this!  I write out Alayna's schedule for the week and have her check off things when she's done.  So far this working awesome, she's been very motivated to get her work done!

I put all of her summer fun things in this basket so she has it all together.  We get her the Summer Bridge workbook every year and I also included a fun You Can Draw book, BrainQuest cards and some math flash cards.  

Everyday except Fridays she has to do one page in her workbook, and IXL math online session and twice a week I have a craft for her to make.  Yesterday it was popsicle stick flags for Flag Day and today it's making a bubble snake.

Emma spends most of her time practicing calligraphy.  This kid has some crazy talent for writing!  She just bought an actual calligraphy pen and is having a blast with it.  Love seeing her creativity!

Rachel is going back for her 3rd interview today at a local sports shop, so we're hoping that they offer her a job.  It's very bittersweet for me, as I feel like once she gets a job she'll never be home...however I can't wait for her to have her own spending money!!

And of course most of their days are spent in the pool.  This was the BEST investment!  

Happy summer!!

Jun 13, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday

I know you're all thinking it's Friday right now since I'm posting on a Tuesday, sorry to burst your bubble peeps, we've got a few days until Friday...

This months Show and Tell topic is "The Struggle is Real"

This topic actually makes me giggle, because it should have my name right in the title, HA!  I feel like I struggle with so many things, so here's my list....

1.  Being good enough.  Man, this ones tough, as a woman, I feel that most of us probably struggle in this department and I'm always working on it.  Am I a good enough wife?  Mom?  Daughter? Friend?  Co worker?  One of my goals this year is to be more encouraging to others.  On days when I feel beat down, I make a point to compliment, or send an encouraging text to someone to brighten their day, definitely helps me feel better!

2.  I struggle with working full time.  All you mamas who have always worked outside the home, you have allllllll my respect!  I did daycare for 11 years, so even though I worked, I was home.  I feel like I am pulled in 47 different directions everyday.  And "me" time??  HAHAHAHAHHA!!  I love my job, and I have realized that working full time makes me appreciate the little things in life.  Like sitting here in the early morning hours drinking coffee in peace.  :)

3.  Being a good enough Christian.  My faith is VERY important to me.  Growing up my parents were missionaries for several years, so my brother and I grew up in the church.  I still do my daily devotionals, but we are not a church-every-Sunday kind of family and I feel guilty about that.  When we don't go to church, we always do a family devotion and/or the rosary.

So there's my top 3 struggles, haha!  If I had to list them all, we'd be here until next week.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Jun 8, 2017

Friday Favorites-Graduation Addition!

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope you all had and amazing week, linking up again with these ladies...

Last weekend was another crazy busy weekend.  We had stuff to finish up in the basement to get ready for carpeting that came on Monday.  Brad and the girls went to watch our nephew play in a baseball playoff game while I cleaned out the garage.  Once they got home we managed to make it to a graduation party.  We came home and had Brad's sister and her family came over for a fire.  I took not a single pic!

Sunday I was spent.  Holy cow.  Cleaning that garage did me in.  I think I made no less than 40 trips up to the attic.  We also got the pool up and filled, should be ready to start swimming in tomorrow, yay!  Brad also took mousey swimming, they caught 16 crappies, she was so excited!!

Sunday afternoon was Emma's coffee date with me.  Since she is graduating from 8th grade, we went and got pedicures at our local nail salon.

We also stopped at Starbucks for some yummy coffees.  Love having these one on one times with my girls.  Time is flying WAY too fast.

Tuesday brought Alayna's first softball game of the summer.  Her team played awesome despite losing by a few runs.  Alayna had a great game, got a hit and a good play in the outfield.

This was before the game, haha!!

I left the game a little early to finish up some errands as Wednesday was the last day of school and graduation for Emma.
Emma made this mug for their bus driver Chad.   He's been their driver for 8 years and the girls absolutely love him!  They also made him cookies.

Their last picture with Chad.

Our school always does such a wonderful job with the graduation ceremony.  I can't believe my sweet Emma is now a Freshman!!

These pics are some of my favorites because it shows how crazy these kids are when we try to get a nice family picture!!

Sweet sisters (I'm surprised they aren't pinching each other).

This is what happens when we try to get a nice picture.

And the progression of a family picture, haha!!

After school there was a party at a local park for all the 8th graders, they had a DJ, food, games and a photo booth.  After the party  Emma had 4 of her girlfriends come overnight.

We did some simple decorations and Emma made a graduation sign.  Thankfully the basement was DONE!!  The girls hung out down there and it worked out so nicely!

I ordered 2 dozen sugar cookies from a local woman, they turned out amazing!!!

This has really been a hard week for me.  I feel like our lives have been non stop on the go busy and I'm wearing down.  I just want time to slow down.  I feel like everyday a month goes by, how in the world do I have a junior, freshman and a 6th grader???  I love these years, the girls are so fun to watch grow up, but I'm also so sad thinking that in just a few short years Rachel will be moving on to her new chapter in life.  Can't they just live with us forever???!!!

This weekend we have 3 graduation parties, but now much else going on, can't wait!!

Jun 1, 2017

Friday Favorites

Thank goodness this week is over.  Even though it was only a 4 day week, I still feel like everyday draaaaaaaaaagged on.  This is going to be a hot mess of a Friday Favorites, haha!

Linking up with these ladies as always...Andrea, Narci and Erika

I'm so glad school is almost over.  The tests these kids are having this week have been crazy!!

Today was Rachel's last day, they only had a half day.  Her and her girlfriends got all dressed up and went out for lunch.  how gorgeous are these girls??

This week I shared our What's Up Wednesday post and a yummy one pot recipe:

With the other two being done with school next week, I'm on the hunt for some neat teacher gifts.  I found this one on Instagram (I seriously LOVE this woman, she is so crafty and talented), I think it would be an awesome thank you gift.

Which makes me reminisce about the neat things we used to make when I was home...


Now that my craft room is almost set up, I plan on doing more crafting with the girls, can't wait!

This weekend we are hopefully setting up the pool.  The weather has changed and now it's not going to be so rainy, yay!  We do have a grad party Saturday, but that's all.  Excited for another weekend to get stuff done.  Monday we get carpeting in the 4th level, and then all that's left is for Brad to do the shower.  We won't talk about last weekend and how the toilet/sink install went...:(  Some things are better left unsaid.

Happy Friday!!