Jun 15, 2017

Ladies Who Link-Summertime!

Linking up with these ladies for their monthly link up!!

Today we're talking about all things summer!  As much as I love summers, sometimes with the girls' schedules it gets to be even more crazy than the school year, if that's possible.  I always try to have some sort of a "schedule" for the girls and this year I am making even more of an effort to keep them occupied.

First up I wanted to show you this awesome seasonal surprise box I had ordered from Erin Condrin.  If you know me at all, you know my love affair with her planners.  I am on my 3rd year of getting one for Christmas, and I honestly don't know how people survive without one!

I had ordered this box back in May and totally forgot about it until it showed up in the mail, what a treat!
It was filled with different things like notepads, colored pencils, a bunch of accessories and my favorite was a new cover for my planner!

The box was only $35, and I plan on getting each one offered!

So this notepad was included, and I love, love, love this!  I write out Alayna's schedule for the week and have her check off things when she's done.  So far this working awesome, she's been very motivated to get her work done!

I put all of her summer fun things in this basket so she has it all together.  We get her the Summer Bridge workbook every year and I also included a fun You Can Draw book, BrainQuest cards and some math flash cards.  

Everyday except Fridays she has to do one page in her workbook, and IXL math online session and twice a week I have a craft for her to make.  Yesterday it was popsicle stick flags for Flag Day and today it's making a bubble snake.

Emma spends most of her time practicing calligraphy.  This kid has some crazy talent for writing!  She just bought an actual calligraphy pen and is having a blast with it.  Love seeing her creativity!

Rachel is going back for her 3rd interview today at a local sports shop, so we're hoping that they offer her a job.  It's very bittersweet for me, as I feel like once she gets a job she'll never be home...however I can't wait for her to have her own spending money!!

And of course most of their days are spent in the pool.  This was the BEST investment!  

Happy summer!!


Lisa said...

I got my first Erin Condren planner this year and love it. The box looks like lots of fun. I've always been a pen and paper freak. I used to do calligraphy too and it looks like your daughter is crazy talented. I'd say you've got a great grip on keeping you girls busy.😀 Thanks for joining us. Have a great weekend!!!

Tara Usher @ Mommy in a Nutshell said...

I've never used an Erin Condren planner but I've head great things. I'm very into bullet journaling to keep myself organized. Also, your daughter is CRAZY talented!! That's seriously amazing.