May 18, 2009

Has Summer Arrived??

Today is supposed to be 80, and tomorrow 75!! It's about time, although the weekend is supposed to be kind of cool. Oh well, as long as the sun is out, that's ok. We plan on heading out to the camper this weekend, brad is going on Friday to get the pontoon, and then we'll go on Saturday, can't wait! neither can the kids!

If you're lame, and don't know who the picture is, it's my main man, Keith Urban. Mom, Brad and I went and saw him last Thursday at the Excel. We had AMAZING seats! Lower level, row three!! (Not floor) He puts on such an incredible show, and I was glad that Brad came along, he was pretty impressed. The sucker was a hootin and hollerin just as much as us girls were! Ok, maybe not hootin and hollerin, but he was impressed:) Aaaaannnnnddddd, I got to TOUCH HIM!!!!!!! Yes that's correct, I touched Keith Urban's arm:) He was heading down to a different stage in the back of the Excel and walked past our area, so lame-oh-middle-aged me runs down so I can touch him, heehee!!! I think Brad was completely mortified:) All in all it was a fantastic concert, and I can't wait for the next one!! (BTW, Mom and I have seen him 5 times now:)

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