Sep 10, 2013

The Wedding

My little (step) sister got married in August, and we had such a blast celebrating with her and Peter!  And you know how weddings always have something that goes wrong on the special day?  Ya, they had like 10, but no bigs, we all survived and danced the night away!

Awww....hubs and I were both in the wedding, nothing like making you feel REALLY old being in a wedding party where you're almost 10 years older than the next....

The girls each wanted a pic with auntie

That's the "I'm too cool to give you a full smile smile".

Beautiful ladies!

This is Miss A aaaaalmost out....

...And the final destination....

We had such a great time celebrating with Tracy and Peter!  We even made a mini vacation out of the rest of the weekend, you can't spend one day in Duluth, it's like, illegal.  I have another post about our up north adventure.

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