Sep 20, 2013

Summer Fishing

This was a craaaaaaaaaaazy busy summer, between both of us having our 20 year class reunions, my sisters wedding, bridal shower, Disney trip and everything else thrown in there, we didn't make too many trips to the lake.  And since summer didn't decide to make it's appearance until mid June, we had a chilly few weekends of pontooning and fishing.  That, however, did not stop the girls from wanting to fish.

Getting cozy in the boat!  Mind you it is the middle of June, and we ARE wearing jackets, sigh....

The big catches of the day!  Alayna would out fish any of those girls!  With as much energy as this kid has, you give her a fishing pole, and she's quiet, calm and focused.  Maybe I need to send one with her to school....

Makes for one sleepy ride home!

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