Apr 10, 2013


This is what consumes our life from September-April.  Well, this and dance.  Oh, and gymnastics. And orchestra.  And Girl Scouts.  And beer.  Wait, beer??  Sorry, that one just slipped....

I have so enjoyed watching Rachel play volleyball this year.  Her 5th & 6th grade team only lost 2 games all season, they played amazing!  In November they all tried out for a JO (Junior Olympic) team.  Rachel was one of two girls in group to not make it.  It was horribly devastating.  For her and for me.  My heart broke to see her so upset.  But I tell you what, this kid took it in stride.  She was sad for about 3-4 days, and then she told me she was done being sad and ready to work hard to make it next year!  Wowsers.  I was still drowning my sorrows in chocolate and ice cream when I figured it was time for me to get over it too.

She tried out for another JO team the end of January and made that (it's a short season team).  They have improved a ton since they started, and even though they haven't won a lot of games, they are so positive!  The cool thing is how supportive her friends have been.  They send her texts all the time to wish her good luck.  Love that!  Rachel also got the chance to be a team manager for 17s JO team (her babysitter is on that team and asked her).  She travels with them and has loved every second of it!

Even though it's a lot of running, we have enjoyed every second watching her play.  She is such a positive, hard working player!

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