Apr 25, 2013

The Girls' Craft Room

With three girls, crafting is as much a part of our lives as bathing.  It's a necessity.   I love seeing the different projects they come up with.  I don't, however, like seeing the mess they create in my kitchen!  I decided it was high time for them to have their own space.  In our third level, we have the family room finished, but none of the other rooms.  My office has sat idle for a few years,  and has been more of a dumping ground than anything else.  I took everything out (the things I could move, that is.) and created a space for them.

I still have to buy another craft table, but this works for now.  The big frame was given to me by my girlfriend who was going to Goodwill it.  It had different types of herbs in each window.  I took it apart and made it into a crafty  window now (one of the pics has fallen down and I need to fix it).  

Being that it is in an unfinished space, I wanted lots of color.  One of the things I love about creating something new, is shopping around the house to see what will fit.  Most everything I had, but I did buy the cute colored baskets on their tables as Crafts Direct for $5.  I think I might keep the desk, as it has a lot of storage for their crafts.

I love knowing that they can make anything in there, and do what they want...paint, scrapbook, color and just plain ole play!

I am amazed at how much they have created already.  I have a basket filled with odds and ends that is their favorite.  Lots of creativity flowing here!

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