Apr 2, 2013

Gratituesday-The Sick Way

Poor little mousey has the stomach flu.  I am amazed at the amount of liquid that can come from such a little thing.  She started throwing up yesterday about 4:30 in the afternoon (at Grandma's none the less) and didn't stop until midnight or so.  We all slept for a few hours and then this morning she got sick again:(

You feel so bad and so helpless...and then panic sets in, wondering who the next victim will be.  We use a lot of essential oils, so I've been diffusing Thieves in the air, Peppermint on her feet and tummy, and lavender in the bath.

I am hoping she will make the turn around, we have troubles maintaining a normal blood sugar for her (she has Ketotic Hypoglycemia) and if she doesn't start eating, I'm afraid she'll have to go in.  For now we are enjoying lots of baths and Dora the Explorer!

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Lindsey Domer said...

Oh no!!! :( Hope that cutie feels better real soon!!!


Mary Redo said...

Ah, sweet precious, I hope by now she's all better. Thanks for your comment on my post about my children's mission to Kentucky, that blesses me that your parents were missionaries there when you were growing up. Looking forward to reading around your blog some more. Hugs ~ Mary