Apr 22, 2013

It's Snowing....Again.....

This week we are enduring our 150th snowstorm.  From the month of April.  Seriously.  I am trying to stay positive and taking advantage of my day off by cooking.  So many good recipes, and so little time.  I decided to watch one of my all time favorite movies while in the kitchen...Julie and Julia.  Love, love, love this movie.  

I re-pinned this recipe from Pinterest and decided to make them for the girls snack this afternoon.  Oh my....they were scrumptious.  So scrumptious, that I am contemplating eating another before they get home....

They are mini apple pies, with caramel.  Oh yes I did.  The girls will be thrilled, and I will make Mom of the Year (I was demoted last Saturday, as I forgot Alayna had a birthday party, oops....) again.

You have to try them!  I also have monkey bread going dough doing in the bread machine for Miss Emma's birthday breakfast for tomorrow morning.  Supper tonight is Rachael Ray's Mediterranean Chicken, with sauteed green beans and homemade bread.  It's gonna be good!!

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