Apr 8, 2013

Menu Planning Monday

Happy Monday!  It's a gorgeous sunny, warm day here in Minnesota...the birds are chirping, snow is gone and summer, by golly, is on its way!!  Ohhhhhh, wait, I'm thinking of the wrong state.  Dang.  It's about 35 here, cloudy and wet.  And snow.  We still have snow.  And we're supposed to get more on Wednesday.  And that makes me crabby.

Oh well, our home is healthy (for now), I have today off (woot woot) and I am kind enjoying my new WoodWick candle and making my meal plans for the week.

We had a busy weekend full of volleyball and, more volleyball.  It was great though, I love watching Rachel and her team play.  Although sometimes I yell.  But it's all good, I don't think she hears me.  I don't yell meanly, only trying to give advice, in shorts bursts.

This week has been a little hard doing my menu planning as I am on a week long fast with my Bible study gals.  We are following the Daniel Fast, which is essentially going Vegan.  So, no meat, dairy, sugar, processed foods and coffee.  I know, crazy, right?  No coffee.  Like none.  At all.  For a whole week.  Sweet mother of all that is yummy, I can't drink coffee.  It has been very trying, but also a very rewarding experience.  I say that now, 4 days into it.  On day 2 I was ready to behead anyone that mentioned the words coffee, mocha or the color brown.  The headache was killer, let me tell you!  However, I am adapting, and I am actually loving the different foods I am making.  Last night I made spaghetti and meatballs for the family.  For myself I made a huge spaghetti squash and a homemade veggie spaghetti sauce.  I was a bit naughty though, and had fresh parmesan cheese on top, oops!

I will finish the fast on Thursday (just in time for a girls weekend!), but plan to keep many of the same habits, except the coffee.  I need coffee.  So here's the fam's menu for the week....

Monday-  Scalloped potatoes and ham- For me, probably left over spaghetti squash from last night
Tuesday-  Crockpot Chicken and Rice- I can eat the rice, and will steam up some veggies
Wednesday-  Chicken Rigatoni Skillet from Finding Joy in My Kitchen
Thursday-  Beef Roast-  I'm thinking of trying Pioneer Woman's recipe but using roast instead of pork
Friday-  Left overs or maybe pizza night
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Alicia said...

The good thing about doing a vegan fast like you are doing is that you know you can do it, that you can live without certain things, like coffee.

Should we live without coffee? Ummm, I don't think so! Good for you and happy back to coffee day :)

Cara said...

You are exactly right! It has definately been an eye opening experience:)