Apr 19, 2013

The Good Life

We moved to the country seven years ago, and love it.  Having the privacy, the quiet and wildlife has been refreshing.  The downside?   Critters.  Of the furry kind.  If you happen to be my step mom, please close this browser and find a website for quilting or gardening...thank you.

Having a kitty is a must, they are pretty amazing at finding these said critters.  Maci has been staring lovingly at the stove for a few weeks again (we just caught a mouse 2 months ago, *sigh*...), so I knew it was inevitable.

A few nights ago, Brad and I got the girls to bed and decided to enjoy the hot tub.  Unfortunately Brad forgot to turn the alarm system off, so the girls got a rude awakening.  After settling them down, we were just about to step outside when Maci comes tearing up the stairs with what I thought was her play mouse. Ohhhhh no, it's real.  She's tossing it in the air and batting it around.  Right in front of us.  Brad grabs a broom to whomp the mouse, but almost knocked Maci out.  Brad-0, mouse-1.

We'll get him, you just wait.

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