May 16, 2017

Alayna's 11th Birthday Party

We survived the last birthday party for 2017!!!  (My girls' birthdays are March-April-May) By the time May rolls around, my planning skills start to wane, ha!

We talked Alayna into an overnight party this year instead of a roller skating rink party.  The skating place in town is rough, and smelly and has CARPET on the walls.  Yuck.  She decided to have a movie theme, which worked perfect because I still had a lot of decor from Emma's Hollywood party a few years ago!

She had 5 of her little girlfriends over and they whooped it up!

They made mini pizzas for supper, went in the hot tub, sat by a fire (for all of 5 minutes and then were done, Brad and I enjoyed a nice night by the fire!!), had an ice cream sundae bar and then watched movies before being out like a light!

Of course I didn't get a single pic of her and her friends....Also, note the wine in the back, lol!!  Brad had picked up some of my faves on sale.

Happy birthday Mousey!!!


A Gal Named Al said...

Super cute and super fun! I'm so thankful that Trip has asked to just have 2 best friends over for a sleepover and hitting up the lazer tag place this year. The cupcakes are perfect!

Terra Heck said...

What a great party theme! Those cupcakes are cute.