May 2, 2017

Alayna #11

Today we celebrated my sweet baby's 11th birthday.  I can honestly say that I don't even know where to begin with this one.  Alayna is our "bonus baby" as my mom calls her.  We thought we were done at 2, but God had some pretty amazing plans for us!
Alayna is so many things.  First off, this kid is HILARIOUS.  She makes us laugh all day everyday.  Most suppers she has us in tears from her crazy dancing, or her facial expressions.

She loves school, and is definitely the class clown!  She loves playing outside, especially in the fort they made at the farm, but she also loves playing with her barbies. 

She loves her baby cousins to death, and is already such a good babysitter.  The funniest damn thing is watching her haul around Ellie who is 3.5 and just as big as Alayna!

We celebrated with donuts for breakfast and then Brad and I came to school to have lunch with her.  Emma made her this birthday sign, I LOVE it!  Her Grandpa Jerry gave her the nickname mouse because she's such a lil squirt.

For supper we went to Olive Garden for both her and Emma's birthdays.  She said it was the best birthday ever...her favorite gift was a gumball machine!!  I love that she's still so easy to please!

  I'll leave you with an epic picture of Alayna's personality, ha!!

We love you mousey!!

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A Gal Named Al said...

That picture is too funny! Stick with that babysitting and turn it into a business- she can make some major bank! Hope Alaina had a great birthday!