Jun 19, 2015

Friday Favorites!

Linking up today with Andrea, Erika and Narci for Friday Favorites!

It's been a great week, it's been the girls' (well Emma and Alayna's) first full week at home and all went swimmingly!  Rachel had volleyball camp Wednesday-Friday so it was just the younger two at home and it sounds like they had a great week.  They have daily chores to do, and I love that my house gets cleaned daily, haha!

We were home most of the week which was wonderful, Alayna's game got canceled on Tuesday, so I was able to get some meals prepped.  I did a post yesterday on meal prep, so if you missed it, go check it out!
Alright, here are a couple favorites from this week...

Love that its warm enough for us to get out on the boat!

Emma bought some crafts this week and I'm excited to do some crafting with her!

Ok, so maybe this isn't exactly a favorite, but this is Alayna in melt down mode before going shopping because I informed her that we were NOT BUYING TOYS!  Fun times.

However, she always redeems herself.  her fish Shelly dies yesterday and I came home to find these signs.  I DIED of laughter!  Died...
By the way, it says, "Shelly's funeral is today"

Seriously, this kid makes me crazy, but she is SO freaken funny!


Tomorrow Brad and the girls are going to a Twins baseball game.  He was given 4 tickets, and originally we were going to try and get a 5th one, but no go.  I hate baseball.  Hate it.  It's boring, slow, and boring.  So needless to say I am so sad (not) that I can't go.  The girls are so excited!  I plan on cleaning, making more freezer meals, and working on getting rid of 95% of the toys we have, fun fun!


And this is most definitely my favorite...today is Brad's 40th birthday!  He is such an amazing guy, and I'm so lucky he's mine!

The girls made signs that I put all over the house, this one cracked me up the most, made by Emma.  The bottom part says, "coming up next...fishing opener, golfing, Brad turns 40, Kardashian has twins..."  LOL!!!  Brad and I were rolling at the Kardashian comment!

Tonight we are going to Fuji steakhouse for supper then meeting friends at the La for some cocktails.
Happy Friday!

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The Boutelle Family said...

Your kids are hilarious!! Hope you enjoy your time tomorrow! :)