Jun 1, 2015

40th Birthday Party!

Brad and I decided this year to throw ourselves a joint 40th birthday party.  My birthday is in April, and his is in June.  I did not want a surprise party, the control freak in me wanted to plan my own party, and I'm SO glad we did, it was such a blast!
Saturday started out with pedicures and manicures with my girls!  It was my mothers day gift from Brad.

We had our party at the La Playette, it's like the bar Cheers for us, haha!  Everybody knows your name and we are friends with all the bartenders.  We got there around 5:30 to get things set up.  I had to laugh because Howie Zimmer (who is Brad's cousin and used to co own the La) was there and within 5 minutes of us being there he had Rachel playing cribbage!

The party started at 6:30, and we had the band The Muffin Man play, they were phenomenal!  Sammy, the lead singer, is a friend of ours and we were so stoked they could play.
We had someone make pulled pork and then we had cole slaw and chips, we kept it very simple.

Emma and Kyleigh listening to the music, they eventually got out on the dance floor!

It was so cool to see all the people there (about 90 total) to celebrate with us.  We are very lucky to have such amazing friends and family!

My sweet mama and I...

This is my dad on the right, my step dad in the middle, and my step brother.  I am so, so fortunate to have divorced parents that not only get along, but get along with the each other's spouses.  We are very lucky!

Brad and I both had aunt and uncles that drove several hours to hang out with us, it meant so much to both of us!

My aunt Lori and Uncle Jim.

Love this pic of my mom and her sister Lori!

It was an amazing night, I am so glad that we did this.  Looking around at all the people made me realize how lucky Brad and I are.  We have such amazing, supportive families and friends.

Cheers to a super fun night!

We were totally overwhelmed by all the cards and gifts we got (even though we said no cards/gifts, haha!)  Lots of lottery tickets and gift cards.  My favorite was this caricature that my dads friend made for us, it is awesome!  Although everyone kept saying how much Brad's caricature looked like the lead singer in the band....!

Sunday was very low key (obviously), my dad and his wife came over for egg bake and then my mom, step dad and aunt and uncle came over for a bit to visit.  The day ended with burgers on the grill and Alayna's favorite food, watermelon!

Now I have to gear up for Rachel's end of the year party on Thursday....yikes...

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The Boutelle Family said...

That looks like so much fun!! Happy 40th!! :)