Jun 22, 2015

Brad's 40th and Fathers Day Weekend

What a fantastic weekend we had!  Friday was Brad's 40th birthday, we took the girls to Fuji's steakhouse and Sushi bar.  We did the hibachi grill and had a great chef, so fun!  They made Brad stand up to sing happy birthday to him, haha!  After supper we dropped the girls off at home and met some friends at the La for drinks.  We had a ton of fun and were home by 11.

Saturday Brad took the girls to a Twins game, they had awesome seats, 2 rows behind the visitor teams dugout.  Although it was hot and Brad said he took Alayna to the bathroom no less than 5 times and she whined about being hot, they still had a blast!

And while they were gone, I relaxed by cooking for 5 hours, it was glorious!  I got a double batch of chicken tetrazzini made, homemade meatballs, smores bars, homemade popsicles and made chicken marsala for supper.  It was truly a wonderful day!

Saturday night we hung out at home, Brad played volleyball and basketball with the girls and I sat, haha.  I love, love, love this pic!  Emma is shooting hoops, Rach is playing volleyball, and mouse is mad because no one was playing with her (even though dad just played a game of basketball with her).

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