Jun 15, 2015

Fun Family Weekend

We had another action packed weekend (I think every weekend this summer is action packed, oy!)
Friday was the 5th annual Mark Zimmer Golf Tournament.  Mark is Brad's 2nd cousin who passed away from cancer about 6 years ago.  He and his wife Peg own the La Playette which is where we had our wedding reception, and most recently our 40th birthday party.  Brad golfed and I always work it.  This year I had to work until 3, but was able to come out and work the event the rest of the day.  It is SO much fun, and I love getting to see everyone and take their money (selling raffles, of course), haha!
I love this guy right here, Tom was one of Mark's best friends, and Tom's wife Mame died about 6 months after Mark.  Tom is one of those all around great guys!
I truly love working this event every year, and we always have a great turnout.  (side note:  all the money raised gets put back into the community, they pay for golf lessons for youth in the summer and then they give money to local families in need.)

Saturday was spent cleaning house and doing laundry, I hadn't got caught up since coming home from vacation on Wednesday.  Emma and Alayna decided they wanted to go running with me.  Alayna ran a told of 30 seconds and was tired, but Emma did pretty good!  I ended up giving Alayna a piggy back ride on the way home, just to get more of a workout in, haha!

That night we decided to have a bonfire in the driveway and then about 10:00 Alayna asked if I would lay down with her for a bit, we both konked out right away!

Sunday Brad did some yard work in the morning and the girls and I got groceries for the week.  I got my meals prepped and some made and finished laundry.  Around 2 we decided to take the boat out and do some tubing.  We drove out to Koronis and picked up Will and Maddie, kids had a blast on the new tube!

Got home around 7, ate some supper, girls showered and then we did family devotions since we didn't go to church.  Our devotional talked about judging others, and the verse from Mathew that talks about seeing a spec in someone else's eye while having a plank in yours...I asked Alayna what we learned about when the devotional was done and she said, "sawdust?"....ugh....that kid I tell ya.

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The Boutelle Family said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend!