Jun 22, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

Edited to add:  I had this post scheduled for Sunday, and just realized this morning that it did not go up, oops!

Today I want to wish this handsome fella a Happy Father's Day!  First off dad, it is clear that you and I need to get our pictures taken together more often, haha!
Secondly I want to say how much I love this guy...he has been there for me through ups and downs, and lots of shitty boyfriends, just sayin.  Dad, I love that I can come to you with anything, and you won't sugar coat it.  And more than anything, my favorite times with you are our early morning coffee chats, those I will always cherish.
I like to think that my quirkiness comes from you, and the fact that I rather enjoy being the "odd" one.  I don't always like to follow, and enjoy being different.
I will never forget you making a meat pie for supper one night and us looking at it like we were served squid.  I asked you why you'd put hamburger in a pie and not chicken, and you said, "because everyone makes that" and you wanted to try something else.  You've always enjoyed being the different one!

I also want to wish my step dad Bob a Happy Father's Day.  We are so lucky that you came into our lives, and know that you are so loved!  We love your spunk and your constant smiles and the girls will never be able to see a tootsie roll pop and not think of you!

Happy Father's Day!

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