Sep 16, 2008

"Mama, I bush da toiyet"

When I get to heaven, one of the first questions I will ask God is why could he not have made kids to be completely potty trained at 2. As in, no help from the parents. In all honesty though, have you ever thought for a moment how our bodies work, without much help from us? To me it seems like a highly unlooked part of how our bodies work. I think God thought it might be one of those "extra perks" things for parents. *sigh*

Alayna has decided to potty train. Yesterday. She strips down completely, and hauls her skinny little butt on the "toiyet". How she doesn't fall in, is beyond me. She will sit on that darn toilet for 20 minutes. And, mind you, she does this 15 TIMES A DAY. Does she actually GO on the toilet? Until tonight, I had not heard her actually potty. I am all for this, if she follows through with it, I'll give her a couple days to see what she does. If nothing comes of it, I'm locking all the bathroom doors.

P.S. If you can't read two year old speak, the title says, "mama, I flush the toilet".


Donna said...

We check daily for posts to your blog. Not only are they highly entertaining, there is always GOOD food recipes on there and food for thought! Have you considered doing a weekly column for a newspaper? You would be a hit!

Cara said...

*blush* thanks! I would love to to do a column, but that requires actually calling someone, lol!!