Sep 21, 2008

Another Week

What a fantastic weekend we had! We went to the lake, our last "hurrah" for the year. It was beautiful, warm, sunny, just what you want when you go to the lake. I made a batch of potato salad, a pasta salad, and some oatmeal muffins (I promise to post the recipe). For lunch on Saturday, we had cheddar brats, and for supper Brad made T-bones on the grill, and no not for the kids!! There is nothing better that food on a charcoal grill. We were able to take the pontoon out for awhile yesterday, but today was too windy, and I didn't much feel like hurling off the side of the boat in the middle of the lake.

We had a campfire last night, which is the girls' favorite thing about camping. And yes, mom and dad had to endure an hour of telephone (seriously, there was only 4 of us to play), and "I'm going on a camping trip, and I'm going to bring".... *sigh*. I was exhausted just trying to think of what to say. Although I must say that I was proud that my girls always were bringing their favorite food I make!!

I had to laugh this morning because Rachel informed us that while were out by the campfire (the girls sleep in the back bedroom, and had gone to bed), Emma woke up screaming. Rachel sat up in bed and asked her why she was screaming and Emma said, "it was dark". Too which Rachel replied, "ya, Emma, it's called NIGHT! Now go to bed and don't scream anymore!" I laughed so hard, poor Emma never gets any sympathy from Rachel.

Today, albeit windy, was another gorgeous day. we basically sat on the beach all afternoon and let the kids play. The resort we stay at has an awesome water trampoline, and other play equipment. Rachel is always Miss daredevil, and Emma was pretty daring herself today! Emma had her life jacket on while she swam, and I always tell her she looks like a bobblehead when she swims, she does it so fast!!!

And last but not least, the little half-pint (or should I say quarter pint) is still potty trained! It's amazing, and wonderful! Her favorite part is screaming "POOPS COMIN OUT MY BUTTS" everytime she goes #2. It's hilarious.

I'm including my favorite picture from the lake, taken in the evening. This summer I have been much more into photography than I usually am. We're looking at getting a new camera. Although I think ours works just fine, and I don't car that people laugh when they see it taped up. hey man, it works!!


Hot Belly Mama - taking it all back said...

Ah, she is right after all. It is called "night." Sounds like they balance each other out.

Cara said...

So true!!