Sep 9, 2008

Just Another Day...

Blah. Today has been such an "off" day. I'm anxious for it to be over:) Brad is going to be gone a lot the next couple weeks, so it means some long days for mama. This weekend we are heading up to some friend's of ours for our annual "Gourmet Club" night! There are five couples that get together once/twice a year and we each take turns planning a gourmet meal. Everyone is assigned something to bring, and we just eat, relax, and drink a lot of wine! I will soooo need some wine this weekend!!!

This week we are learning the letter A, and also apples. So for breakfast this morning, I made apple pancakes. I just used my normal pancake batter, and grated a whole apple into the batter. Next time I will grate two apples, because you couldn't even taste the apples! We have a huge apple tree down in our front yard, although this year there isn't much for apples. Bummer. However, back in our woods, we have an apple tree that has a TON of apples on it. I'm hoping to get back there one of these nights with the kids to pick apples. Wish me luck, hopefully I'll find my way back:)
Last night was the Monday Night Football opener with the Vivkings and Greenbay. (We won't talk about how they did...) We had the inlaws over for chili and grilled cheese sandwiches. The chili was sooo good! My SIL gave me the recipe, and it really is the best chili I've had! Today I added some great northern beans, ketchup and a bit of brown sugar, and turned it into "calico beans". If I would have called it chili, the kids wouldn't have eaten. Silly little things.
I'm also including a pic of Alayna with her doll in a sling. She had that baby in her sling all night! I thought it was pretty adorable, especially being that she lived in a sling the first 5 months of her life!!

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