Jan 16, 2009

Sun, sand, pina coladas on the beach.....

Oh, sorry. I thought that if I keep thinking of somewhere warm, this weather won't be so bad. I was wrong. This sucks! I am so tired of being cooped up I could scream. Thankfully this SHOULD be the last day of it. I pray. I am just hoping I make it through the day having 12 (yes, I said twelve) children here. Hehehehehehehehehehe. Yikes.

I am excited about this weekend, we are going to the play, "Tony and Tina's Wedding" with Brad's family tomorrow night! We saw this about 12 years ago, but I can't wait to see it again! And it's supposed to be like 25 DEGREES!! Flippin heat wave!! I finagled my Dad and Step mom (love you guys!!) to come and babysit. The girls are soooo excited for them to come. We're going to make a birthday cake either tonight or tomorrow as its my Step moms birthday. The girls are excited to giver her her gift, as they helped make it. (I will get a pic of it and post tomorrow, just in case she's reading this today:)

Alright, I am off to have a few moments of alone time before these monsters are done with quiet time:)

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