Jan 27, 2009

Lime Chicken Tacos

This is one of my all time favorite recipes. I recently made a huge batch to give to a friend of mine who had a death in the family. Last night she commented on how much her family loved them, and I said I would post the recipe:) It's super easy, and smells divine simmering all day long!

Lime Chicken Tacos

4 chicken breasts, either frozen or thawed, doesn't matter. Put these in the bottom of your crock pot, and mix together 3-4 Tbl of lime juice, and 1-1.5 Tbl chili powder. Pour this over chicken, and cook on low all day. Once chicken is done, take out and shred, add back to the crock pot, and one cup of corn and one jar of salsa, mix it all up and let simmer for an hour or so. That's it! Brad likes it with soft tacos, but the girls and I eat it with tortilla chips and sour cream.


Donna said...

Ok, the lime chicken is in the crockpot. However, you know me....never the right ingredients. I substituted lemon juice for lime juice...will let you know if it's edible!

Homepsun Kitchen said...

Oh, I've done that many times, tastes the same!

Rachel said...

I just made these tonight and they were delish! So easy to make too. I love crockpot recipes, because I can throw everything together when I get home from work in the morning and by the time I get up later in the day, it's good to go. If you have any other good ones, send them my way! Thanks for sharing this one too!