Jan 20, 2009

Have I told you how much I looove Joe???!!!

Joe as in coffee, seriously, how do people NOT drink coffee? I really don't get it. How do you not love the smell of it and the taste of it? I haven't had it for two days, and this morning is like the greatest morning EVER!!! If they had a genuine coffee smelling perfume, I'd buy it. I truly can't get enough of the stuff. And I don't mean the flavored kinds, I like those too, but I love just the straight ole black stuff. Ok, off my coffee box now....

I had a fabulous first half of the weekend! We went with Brad's family to see Tony and Tina's Wedding on Saturday night. It was FABULOUS!!!!!!! I haven't laughed that much in a long time, rally, you laugh for 2.5 hours straight. It was awesome! After that we got back to St.Joe and stopped at the Legion for a drink. I had one and started to feel not the best. We got home around midnight and by 2:00 I was up blessing the porcelain goddess. I continued to bless her until about 6:00, but the rest of the day was spent in bed. It was HORRIBLE. I have not been sick since last January, not even a cold:( Sunday night Emma started throwing up, but she only did it twice, and was perfectly fine after that. Weird. Today I finally feel "normal". We're just waiting to see who gets it next. Hopefully Brad will bypass it again this year, as he leaves this weekend for the Gull Lake Fishing Tournament. Keep your fingers crossed!

As I was sick in bed, Brad painted Rachel's new room (which was Alayna's nursery, I was surprising very sad to see the baby stuff taken down. I am sooooo done having kids, but re painting that room was very final, ya know?). It looks awesome! He painted two walls a blue color, and the other two a green color. They match her comforter perfectly! We're just waiting on the bed, as Brad's parents are getting a new one tomorrow, and they are giving us their old one. I will post pics as soon as everything is done. It's funny though, she was sooo excited to have her own room, but guess who slept with her on the air mattress last night? Yep, Emma! I think it will be a bit harder for her, but she'll have to adjust:)

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