Aug 4, 2015

Back to School Traditions

Today I am linking up with Andrea and Stephanie to talk about Back to School Traditions!

I love, love, love back to school for many reasons:

I love getting ourselves organized again, and being on a schedule.  I LOVE the no routine of summer,but I also love being on a schedule.

September is like January to me, it's a fresh start.  I like to get all my fall deep cleaning done, closets cleaned out, etc.

I do love knowing that my girls are using their brains for more than just playing Minecraft or on Instagram...

So here are some of our back to school traditions!

  One thing I started when Rachel started first grade, was to have a spa night.  The night before school I make our bathroom (I call it Spa La Zimm)a relaxing oasis and we do facials, pedicures, manicures and snack on little shaped sandwiches, fruit and kiddy cocktails.  It's become a little less the older they get, but we still do manis and pedis and drink fancy drinks.  Look at how little they are!

The first day of school I always made them pancakes in the shape of their initial.

I also liked to make their teachers a little gift, this year I had them make apple stamps on cardstock for note cards!

I love finding special treats for them to have when they come home.
Emma's first day we made this super cute bus cake.

Another year I made these apple cupcakes (these got featured on a blog I used to frequent!)  I have also done a pencil brownie and whoopie pies too.

And if you know anything about me, you know that I decorate for  I still do!

I love how my back to school decor turned out!

I also take each of the girls school shopping, just them and I.  It's such a nice time to relax and enjoy each of them without having a sister there, haha!  So there you have a little idea of how we celebrate back to school!


Kimberly F said...

I love your spa idea!! Now I just need to tweak it so my boys will enjoy it~

Erin said...

I am REALLY impressed with that cake! Amazing. I'm like you, I definitely feel the fresh start thing in September SO MUCH MORE than in January.
-Erin (No Bohns About It)

Full Time Wife Life said...

Spa night - so cute! Definitely happening here this year!

Becky Swentosky said...

I just love the cake and cupcakes! So fun and festive. :)

Jenny said...

I also love the flow of the year from easy-going summer back to structure and I'm a sucker for traditions like this :D What wonderful ways to start the school year!

Amanda Klein said...

Darling ideas! You are so crafty!