Aug 11, 2015

Weekend on Lake Osakis

We spent last weekend with 3 other families at a cabin on Lake Osakis and had a blast!  The weather was perfect and it was a great mix of food, fun, and drinks!
Jeanie and I took the girls up on Thursday night, we got there around 8 and played cards.  Everyone else got there around 2:00 on Friday.
This was my view Friday morning drinking coffee.

The kids had a blast fishing, kayaking, tubing and just hanging out.

These four ladies crack me up.  They hooked up the tube to the kayaks and took turns pulling it, haha!

There was a platform in the lake so the kids had fun jumping off.
Emma and Alayna LOVED the kayaks!  I seriously think Alayna could win kayak races!!

It was a really relaxing getaway, I made sure that I kept my eating (and drinking) in check and got some workouts in everyday.  Nothing like running by the lake!  This weekend we have abother cabin weekend in Brainerd, and I can't wait!