Aug 20, 2015

Long Weekend on Lake Nisswa

We had another gorgeous lake weekend!  Friday we left to head up to Nisswa to stay in a cabin with 2 of my high school friends and their families.  The weather was PERFECT, hot and humid Friday-Sunday.  We spent most of our time in the lake, floating, tubing and just hanging out.

The kids all get along really well, and these 2 cuties below are besties!

Sunday morning Brad and I went fishing for an hour, well he fished and I read.  He caught a couple good size bass.

Monday we took the kids into town to shop, I LOVE Nisswa's stores, so fun!

It was a SUPER relaxing, fun weekend!

We got home Tuesday afternoon and came home to wind, rain and 55 degrees!  I promptly got my booty in the kitchen and whipped up some of Pioneer Woman's tomato soup and parmesan croutons.

Both were delicious!  I also made some apple crisp with the last jar.  This cooler weather has me ready for fall!


katielookingforward said...

I live up by Nisswa, and love seeing what people do for vacation while up north! I'm going to find Pioneer Woman's recipe now, because that soup looks delicious!

Jenny said...

That sounds like such a fun time and the photos show such happy smiling faces :) I like the sound of parmesan croutons, I'm need to learn how to make them!