Aug 27, 2015

*Almost Friday* Favorites- Exhausted Edition!

We had another great weekend!  (Yes I realize it is Thursday) We went up to my dad and step moms for the annual "Christmas in August" get together with them and all the kids.  The weather did not cooperate, but we made the best of it and had a great time!
This is my dad playing a Native American flute, it sounds SO neat!  I could listen to this all day long...
The funny thing with my dad is you never know what crazy instrument he'll come up with next, so far he's mastered not only the guitar, but a dulcimer, auto harp and banjo!  We love listening to all of them!

Cousin shot!

We got home Sunday and went immediately into town for Rachel's volleyball fundraiser burger basket night.  So begins the life of high school sports!  I would also like to mention that I am a very proud mama...Rachel made the JV team as a freshmen!  They had 45 freshmen tryout for a JV spot and she was one of 9!  So, so proud and excited for her!!

Tuesday night she had her group of girlfriends overnight and being it has been a cool few days, it was most certainly time to whip up the first of many batches of pumpkin scones.  They are SO good!  I got the recipe here and make them about a dozen times during the cooler/cold months!

And in other news...  August has been unreal.  We have been gone every single weekend, and although it's all been super fun, I miss my house!  I miss cleaning, I miss clean clothes and I miss making a mess in my kitchen (however, thank goodness for freezer meals!).  This weekend we have Brad's parents 50th wedding anniversary party and once I leave work, I will be all over buying decorations.

Add in volunteering for volleyball, Emma's end of summer party, a birthday party, anniversary party and trying to get everything ready for school on Monday (never mind that I now have a HIGH SCHOOLER!!!), I'm tired.  That's where my awesome hubby comes in, he is going to work from home tomorrow to help me out, LOVE that man!  So that's been us in a nutshell...tired.

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