Aug 20, 2015

Heart of the Lakes Triathlon

I know I already included some of these pics in a post, but I wanted a separate post to keep track of my races.  (Yes all 3 of them, haha!)
Last Sunday Cory, Tonia and I did a triathlon in Annandale, and it was so much fun!  Honestly it was way more fun than I thought it would be.  Cory has done (and placed) many tri's, and somehow talked Tonia and I into doing one.  He is a phenomenal swimmer, Tonia is a biker and I run, so it worked perfectly!

Cory started the swim at 8:03 and finished his 1/2 mile swim in just over 12 minutes.  That's insane!

Tonia was up next with a 22 mile bike.  She was so nervous that morning, but she KILLED it!  She was hoping to finish in an hour and a half and her actual was one hour 12 minutes!  I was so happy for her, but now I was terrified, because everyone else came in under their goal time which left little ole me to run 5.3 miles in the heat, ugh.

Time to rock and roll!

My goal was to finish in under an hour, and I finished in 55 minutes, I was SO freakin happy!

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Jenny said...

Congratulations to you and your team! You all did so well :D