Sep 20, 2011

First Day of School

I just realized that I never posted any pics of the girls' first day of school! Here are my lovelies right before heading off to the bus (that picks them up at 6:45, ugh). As great as this pic is, my favorite is the next one...
Isn't this a classic??!!! Dragging their booties out of bed at 6 was not a fun venture. Rachel and Emma have adjusted quite well, but poor Alayna does NOT fair well at 6 in the morning. *sigh* Someday it will get better. Thankfully she loves school, so once she is truly awake, then she does fine.
I will admit that I am loving having them in school. Alayna has always been very trying for me, so having her in school has been a blessing. She loves everything about it, and her behaviors at home have dramatically improved since starting school.

I love being back into a routine again, and schedules. Although with our schedule right now, I feel like we're more busy that the summer, haha!!

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Big D and Me said...

Your cake is the best - I love making cakes - so fun - I can't imagine getting my kids up at 6 - they complain at 7:15.