Sep 8, 2009

Back To School!

Ohhh it's that time of year again! I almost feel like this is more of my "new year" than January 1st:) It's a time of de-cluttering, re-organizing and replenishing. I start making my "Fall" list in August, and like to have the majority of it accomplished by the time school starts. Just one of those weird obsessive things I have. Thanks Mom and Dad.

The girls got off to school this morning, and I will guiltily admit that it's nice not having a herd of children in my house. It's (a little) more quiet, the little ones love having their "space" back, and plus they love to learn! They have been playing oh so nice today, although that will most likely last for just today, and then be back to fighting again, *sigh*.
The night before school starts us girls have a "spa" night. I fill up our jacuzzi tub, put lots of bubbles in, light candles, and make them special little snacks to enjoy while we talk about how the summer was and what we're excited for with the new school year. We make homemade facial masks and scrubs and just enjoy being together. I call it "Spa LeZimm", lol! This morning they requested monkey bread for breakfast, although neither one of them were too hungry to eat:) This afternoon I will make our usual brownie "pencil" for our afternoon snack to commemorate the first day. Fun things for them that they will remember.


SnoWhite said...

what fun - fall always feels to me like the real "new" year, rather than January. That must mean I've been in school too long ;)

Rainy Day Farm said...

What a super cute idea! I can't wait to try that with my girl next year! She would love it! Maybe we will do a Christmas break spa-night!