Sep 4, 2009

It's Friday!

Ahhh, a long weekend awaits, and I am thoroughly looking forward to it! The girls are out at the lake already, my Mom decided to pick them up Thursday afternoon and spend some time at the lake with them. Which meant that I was home alone in my house (Brad had a meeting all evening, well, a Fantasy Football meeting, *eyeroll*). Me. Alone. In my house. It was incredible!!! I ordered food, and ATE IT IN SILENCE. Truly was an experience! Then I worked on the blog (do you like the new layout??), read some magazines, and had some wine. Brad came home about 9:30 and we sat in the hot tub for awhile. What a wonderful night!
Brad is getting off early so he can mow the lawn before heading out to the lake. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous, finally! Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend, praying for safe travels for all!
P.S. I am including a recipe for Pineapple muffins that I made on Wednesday. The last week before school starts is always "daycare vacation week". Tuesday was Sports Day, Wednesday was Hawaiian Day, Thursday was Camping Day and today is Bubbles Day! For Hawaiian Day I made these muffins from (where else?!), they were wonderful!

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Jean Tuthill said...

Thanks for visiting me and your sweet comments about my roosters. I'm still trying to get around to everyone that left a comment. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.