Sep 15, 2014

Life Lately

Fall is upon us, and so canning season commences!  We have a huuuuge apple tree in our front yard, unfortunately the apples are teenty tiny.  I do have an apple peeler/corer, so that helps, but it took me damn near to peel enough apples to get 5 quarts of apple pie filling!

And along with the 5 quarts of pie filling, I received this pretty stellar burn.  I was taking a jar our of the canning bath, when the lid came off and the pie filling burned me.  Lovely.  

Another thing I am loving these days are my salads, I never tire of these puppies.  I eat a salad every single day.  I try to mix up the protein a bit, last week I had shredded taco chicken on top.  
 And have you had LaCroix sparkling water?  Oh my word, I'm in heaven.  Trying to cut way back on Diet Coke, and this fits the bill.  My favorite flavor is cherry lime, yumm!

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