Sep 26, 2014

Friday Favorites

It's Friday peeps!  This week FLEW by....holy cow.  The weather here in Mn. is absolutely gorgeous and I am sooooooo wishing we were headed to Duluth for an impromptu vacation...wishful thinking...

Tomorrow is duck opener...*crickets*....I know, I feel the same way.  Brad and Rachel are heading out around, oooh, 3:30 AM.  Not sure how good the bigs will be getting up, we shall see.  I am hoping to whip up something yummy for them to bring along.

Other than that, we've been enjoying a lot of this:


And I am happy to report that Rachel made the A team, after playing on the B team for one game.  And not only did she make the A team, but she has been starting too!  Her coach pulled her aside after playing on the B team and told what a great job she did and what a a great team player she was, yes!  

And check out that serving arm,  cah-reepy!

 And this is what happens when you leave your phone for 4.5 seconds...mousey and her cousin Will.  Those two are trouble, I tell ya!  They're like Thelma and Louise...except not really.

Happy Friday!


audra wray said...

Way to go for playing so hard in the volleyball game! And waking up at 3:30 is crazy but my husband does it too!

Cara Zimmer said...