Sep 5, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

We had a fantastic Labor Day weekend!  I was actually off Friday through Tuesday, which was awesome!
Friday afternoon we headed up to Canary Beach Resort to stay with friends of ours that have a camper.  They just bought a brand new camper, that thing is nicer than my house!

The weather was less than stellar, unfortunately.  It was cool, cloudy and misty.  The girls still swam (they have an awesome beach area), and the guys took all the kids tubing (where Rachel injured her elbow...seriously, this kid always injures herself right before starting a school sport...).  Alayna lasted about 5 minutes and was then freezing.

We got some good volleyball playing in, even mom played!

Alayna was hoping to join in, but it was a little much for the mouse.

There may have been some sword fighting by the oldest and youngest...clearly the youngest is winning...

Lots of campfires!

We headed home on Sunday, and went out to the lake to see my mom and her husband.  It was nice and relaxing, the weather was a bit iffy again...we had some big thunderstorms that afternoon that dumped a bunch of rain.

After supper we headed over to Brad's mom and dad's as we typically will have a campfire and all the kids camp out in tents.  Unfortunately we couldn't with all the rain.  We ended up playing cards and all the kids camped out in the living room. 

We all came back the next morning and made a big breakfast, this was what I found, haha!


We got home around 9:30 and I power cleaned ALL.Day.Long.   I swear you would have thought I hadn't cleaned all summer!  We (or should I say Brad) cleaned carpets, scrubbed every surface, organized, got meals ready for the week, did laundry and finished our day our annual spa night.  I of course forgot to take pics, ugh.  I make them a bath in our big tub, we do facials and then I give them manicures and pedicures.  I make them fancy (cinnamon and sugar) sandwiches, fruit kabobs and kiddie cocktails in wine glasses.

Needless to say I was WIPED!

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