Sep 9, 2014

Alayna's First Twins Game

One of the many perks of Brad's job is that he gets tickets to many sporting events.  Last week he scored 4 tickets to Wednesday nights Twins game (yes, only the 2nd school night of the year...) and since he knew just how much I love baseball, he decided to ask his brother to go and take Alayna and Will with.  Score for me!  I hate baseball.  With every fiber of my being.

The weather was iffy, and they got rained on for a couple minutes and then it cleared up.  Now, if you know Alayna at all, you know that she's tiny for her age.  She has a condition called Ketotic Hypoglycemia, basically she doesn't have enough fat stores on her body to take fuel from, which means she eats all.the.time.  She doesn't eat much, and we really have to keep the sugar down.  Wanna know what she ate that night?

Yep, cotton candy.  That stuff makes me shudder.  And then she had a hot dog, a Gatorade and an ice cream bowl.  Holy hell, I'm surprised she wasn't awake half the night!  So of course from all that sugar, this happened....


Oh well, she had a blast!  And, they made it on TV!  Her and Will were dancing in their seats, priceless!!

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