Sep 18, 2014

Color Vibe Run

Saturday morning Rachel and I did the Color Vibe Run in St. Cloud.  It was a lot of fun, and I was super happy to run it with Rachel.  However, I learned 2 things.  I'm not really a "fun" run type of person.  I'm too competitive.  I "ran" the whole 3 miles, which mostly consisted of me running in place waiting for Rachel because she would walk (she rocked the run though, she ran at least half the time, super impressed for her not ever running!)
And secondly?  At least with this run, I'm all for having fun, however please do not roll around in the middle of the road to get more color on you.  Um, people "might" trip over you.  Seriously, I almost ran over 2 kids!
And thirdly (I don't think I had a 3rd thing...) throw the damn color people!  It's a COLOR run, not a roll on the ground to get color.  I swear you have to ask the workers to throw color on you.  And then when they did, they would throw a handful of it at your face.

Here we are in all our colored glory.  I think most of that color came from Alayna who got to be a "worker" and got a free t-shirt!  And is it just me, or is anyone else creeped out by the powder?  Yes I know it's food grade, 100% biodegradable but still.  Will I have an ear fall off in 5 years???

Despite my grumblings, it really was fun to run it with my girl!


And I think this one had a leeetle too much fun with her color!!

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