Oct 4, 2009

A Great Weekend!

Yesterday marked the first days of me becoming "single mom" on the weekends, lol. Brad started hunting, and it was ridiculous how excited that man was. Really?? Getting up at 3:30 and sitting out in the cold for hours waiting for birds to fly?? Hmmm, I don't get it, but that's ok too:)
The girls and I had a great day of crafting and scrapbooking. Alayna went to a friends house for a few hours, she was sooo excited that she had a play date! So I took the older two and we went to Crafts Direct, as they wanted to pick up some things for scrapbooking. I am always amazed every time I walk in that store how incredible it is. We came home and started crafting. We made a glass block for a friend of mine's new baby girl. We put "Sweet Dreams" in vinyl on the front and filled it with mini lights and pink and white glass beads, and tied it up with a beautiful pink ribbon.
The girls also sanded down some blocks of wood I found in the garage and painted them orange to make into pumpkins. I will post pics as soon as we finish them. After all that, we got out the scrapbooking stuff and have a lovely huuuuuge mess in the family room. While scrapping, I decided to rent the Hannah Montana movie from PPV. Unfortunately, I will have to admit that I actually CRIED while watching it. Yes, that is correct, I cried. I have (obviously for good reason) been very emotional the past week, and the part where her father and her are singing together just got to me. I'm not sure what the song was, but it was about her growing up. Made me sad to think how fast my girls are growing up.
All in all, it was just a great day of doing fun stuff with the girls, and I love that they are of the age of doing crafts and scrapbooking! This morning I am making Caramel Strata from Rainy Day Farm, cannot wait to try it! Then it's off to Sunday School and Church. Alayna says she will go to Sunday School today, so we will see. All she wants is to play playdough and eat a snack, lol:)
Also, I will be passing along the "Lovely Blog" award, so look for some new and awesome blogs that I get to pass on the award to, yay!!
I just had to include the pic of sweet Emma trying to scrapbook while Fluffy is laying on the table bothering her, it was so cute to hear her scold the cat, lol! And the centerpiece I just bought at Crafts Direct, the tray was clearanced out for $4 and the candle holder was $5, the fall picks were $1 a piece, yay for clearance sales!!!
Have a blessed Sunday everyone!


darnold23 said...

Mister Linky is up and ready for this week's Crock Pot Wednesday. Thanks so much for participating last week. I hope to see you again this week. Thanks a bunch. Debbie.

Scott said...

Thanks for stopping in at Crafts Direct this weekend. Sounds like you found some great things and had a fun weekend.

Julie@comehaveapeace said...

I can so relate to the single mom syndrome when hunting comes along. :) My hunting hubby doesn't get to go out much anymore, but hunting season has been a big part of our lives together. I always enjoyed spending the day doing warm and cozy things in preparation for the arrival home with all of the stories ... from 3:30 am on. :) Thanks for stopping by "Come Have a Peace" and for your kind words.