Apr 30, 2009

Emma's 6th Birthday

*sigh* I can't believe my sweet Emma Lemma is 6:( I really can't. She has become such a sweet, innocent little girl and I'm so proud of her:) She had A BEAUTIFUL summer day, it was 82 at our house! We just did a birthday party with the daycare kids, since they are all girls. I had them all bring their princess dresses and they got to dress up, have pizza, and eat cake out of teacups! And of course I served them ice water with strawberry garnishes outside on a tray. They all thought that was pretty cool! We played a couple of outdoor games, but honestly, it was so hot with their dresses on, lol!

She got a ton of great stuff, including outfits for her American girl doll, she was so excited! From us, she got a new bike. Her old one is actually Rachel's old one, so it was time for Emma to have a new bike of her own.

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